Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day by Planting These Frugal Options

April is home to both Earth Day and Arbor Day, which might inspire you to go out and do something great for the planet. Arbor Day is all about planting trees, so if you’re planning on keeping up with this tradition then you might be up for spending a lot of money. Luckily, there’s quite a few options that you can try which won’t break the bank. Although many of these plants are not trees, you may find that they will help you do right by the planet while improving on your budget. Best of all, these ten options will help bring something fantastic to your life too. So, get your gardening tools ready because these amazing holidays are just around the corner.

1. Aloe Vera
If you’re concerned about your health, then aloe vera is going to be a great option for you to plant. This plant is actually fairly simple to grow and can be kept in a pot for quite some time if you don’t have a yard to plant it in. Whether you grow aloe vera indoors or out, you’re sure to find that your air quality is greatly improved. This amazing plant pulls toxins from the air, which is great for the environment. Of course, you can also use aloe vera for many health benefits. One of the most common is placing it on sun burns to help take away the pain and promote healing. Without a doubt, you are certain to enjoy having this plant in your home. It isn’t the type of plant that will become a burden for busy lifestyles either. In fact, it is great for students, the elderly and busy households.

2. Bamboo
Landscaping can be a lot of fun when you work with bamboo. This amazing plant is easy to keep up with and it will give your yard an exotic feel. There are so many benefits to having bamboo in your yard though, which can really make your Earth Day and Arbor Day experience worthwhile. For starters, bamboo helps to remove toxins from the air and soil, which will do your yard and the planet a real solid. This plant isn’t pricey to keep up with either. If you don’t have a yard, then don’t fret. You can get smaller bamboo to put in a pot inside of your home. This will cleanse the air you breathe daily. This plant is non-toxic to pets too, so it’s really a win-win option.

3. Sycamore Tree
Sticking to the tree planting tradition can be important for many people. There are lots of trees you can plant, but it is important to do a little research before you choose which to go with. One of your best options is a Sycamore tree. These trees are actually fairly inexpensive to purchase and can be bought online or in local stores. Sycamore trees are known to grow very quickly, so you’ll have a tree to admire in no time at all. These trees work wonders when it comes to providing your home with plenty of shade. Not only is this great for spending time outdoors, but it can cut down on your electricity bill too which will help you cut back on your carbon footprint.

4. Lavender
Lavender is another great option when it comes to plants that will do the world a bit of good. The best thing about lavender is, you can grow it indoors, in a flower bed or simply let it grow wild in your yard. There isn’t a whole lot of work to put into this amazing plant, so feel free to work it into your life the best way that will suit your lifestyle. Lavender is a great plant because it does draw in bees. This is very important right now as bees are in decline, which can really harm the planet and ultimately cause global extinction. The plant also smells out of this world. You will love spending time outdoors with this lovely scent in the world. You can even use your lavender in cooking and in making your own essential oils for relaxation.

5. Fruit Trees
One of the most beneficial things to plant in your yard is fruit trees. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as they all have amazing properties that will improve on the planet. Of course, you may want to figure out which trees will survive the best in your climate before you make the purchase. Most fruit trees won’t cost a lot of money either, so you’re going to be getting a lot for what you do spend. A lot of fruit trees actually draw in bees, which is one of the best features about them. However, the fruit they produce is always amazing. With this, you will be able to cut down on your food costs and will allow your family to eat healthier food that is entirely organic. Some fruit, like oranges and lemons, even give back to the soil when you spread their rinds on the ground.

6. Daisies
Daisies are one of the easiest plants to grow, which makes them a great option for beginning gardeners or those with very little time on their hands. They also come in a wide assortment of colors, so you can even enjoy their beauty. The best thing about daisies are, they actually help to purify the air. This makes them a great asset just about anywhere. These amazing flowers draw in bees too, so you can help improve the bee population while you’re at it. You can easily keep daisies in a planter or scatter the seeds in the wind to see how their colorful petals improve on your lawn as they begin to sprout.

7. Sunflowers
When it comes to beauty, sunflowers are one of the best options to choose from. These lovely flowers have been depicted in paintings for generations for a very good reason. The sunflower won’t just add charm to your garden though. Rather, the plant actually helps to detoxify the soil that it is in. This can be great for growing other plants, or even grass. As a sunflower grows it will produce seeds that can be eaten. These seeds are very healthy to consume, which can improve your own life substantially. On top of that, you can always sell the extras to earn yourself a little extra money. Sunflowers are also great for bees and will attract an assortment of birds to enjoy too.

8. Hedges
One of the most commons plants that you see around the community is most likely hedges. You can find these in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, which make them a great option if you’re ready to show off your personal style. Hedges are fairly easy to grow too, which will make your life a little easier. These plants all work to help purify the air, so the more you have the better off you will be. Hedges are great for the ecosystem too as they provide a place for wildlife to hide. You may even find birds nesting in your hedges, which is certain to make spring time even more beautiful.

9. Spider Plants
Although this plant might sound menacing, you’ve more than likely seen them a lot. This is one of the most common house plants around and have become very popular in offices, as well. These plants are so easy to grow that you might forget all about it for some time. The plants are also very cheap, which is why many people choose to give them as office or housewarming gifts. All the same, the interesting blades on this plant create a cool look that you’ll love to show off. Of course, it isn’t all appearance with this plant. It will also cleanse the air in your home or office, which makes it a real asset to anyone looking for an exciting plant to enjoy.

10. Anything Native
If you’re looking to help out the environment the most, then you may want to work on planting native plants during your Earth Day and Arbor Day celebration. Native plants are crucial to the environment, because they provide your specific area with the nutrients it needs while also cleansing the air. These plants are important for wildlife and insects in the area too, so it will do your ecosystem a huge favor. Usually, these plants wind up being much cheaper too as they are easier to grow in your area. Many stores also want to encourage people to plant these items, which is another reason for the lovely price. If you’re ready to begin planting native life in your yard, then start your journey with a simple internet search to discover which plants are open to you.

Earth Day and Arbor Day grow increasingly important as our planet struggles, which is why planting on these days can help you do your part to preserve our natural habitat. These ten ideas should give you frugal and fun ideas for your planting celebration. Before you know it, you’ll be breathing fresher air and enjoying the amazing foliage you created.

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