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Code: VISAW2015
Added: 2015-01-01  Expires: 2015-04-30
Code: FGSK0000001018
Added: 2014-12-31  Expires: 2015-04-30
Added: 2014-12-31  Expires: 2015-04-30
Code: SEARS2015
Added: 2015-01-01  Expires: 2015-04-30
Code: HLDRES15
Added: 2014-12-29  Expires: 2015-04-30
Code: No code to use
Added: 2015-01-01  Expires: 2015-04-30

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$14 off pendant

Code: No code to use
Bring a comical thought to your day when you wear this Engravable Stainless Steel Chat Pendant. This pendant comes with the classic comic book statement bubble and can be engraved with a special saying.
Added: 2014-12-29  Expires: 2015-04-30. 
Code: None
Added: 2014-12-26  Expires: 2015-04-30


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$55 off pendant necklace

Code: No code to use
Let the love of your life know how you feel when you slip this I Love You To The Moon and Back Necklace around her neck. This lovely piece has a stunning engraving and can be worn with her favorite styles!
Added: 2014-12-24  Expires: 2015-04-30. 
Code: ZWLCM45G7E
Added: 2014-12-18  Expires: 2015-04-30
Code: ZBDAY35DJ8
Added: 2014-12-18  Expires: 2015-04-30
Code: Not Required
Added: 2014-12-19  Expires: 2015-04-30. 
Code: No Need
These Open Heart Silicone Back Earring Studs make a great present for any tween or teen. The adorable earrings have a modern open heart silver design and come with a silicone backing to help create a secure, yet comfortable, fit.
Added: 2014-12-17  Expires: 2015-04-30. 
Code: POG10
Added: 2014-12-16  Expires: 2015-04-30
Code: Not Needed
Wow your party guests when you wear these breathtaking Sapphire and Pearl Earrings. These earrings look amazing with winter formal attire and will add that much needed sparkle to your classy party look.
Added: 2014-12-09  Expires: 2015-04-30.

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30% off ring

Code: No Code Needed
This Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver Roped Ring will provide you with a nautical style you'll adore. This ring comes in a yellow gold that matches a lot of your yachting or casual styles.
Added: 2014-12-04  Expires: 2015-04-30. 
Code: BRD3
Added: 2014-11-30  Expires: 2015-04-30
Added: 2014-11-30  Expires: 2015-04-30
Code: WEM2509
Added: 2014-12-01  Expires: 2015-04-30. 
Added: 2014-11-27  Expires: 2015-04-30