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$35 off shorts

Code: No Code Needed
From afternoons on the golf course to vacations in the sun, these Gaberdine Microfiber Pleated Shorts will make your wardrobe stretch further. The shorts offer pleats that will always make you look great, even when they've been stuffed in a suitcase.
Added: 2017-01-19  Expires: 2017-12-31. 
Code: AV30NOW
Added: 2017-01-15  Expires: 2017-12-31
Code: CASHOP35
Added: 2017-01-12  Expires: 2017-12-31


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20% off pants

Code: Not Needed
Look your best whenever you meet up with a date thanks to these Palm Beach Pleated Suit Pants. The pants are easy to care for thanks to the natural pleats and will suit your height to ensure a sophisticated look.
Added: 2017-01-11  Expires: 2018-01-11. 
Code: No Need
Added: 2017-01-05  Expires: 2017-12-31. 
Code: 25OFF1ST
Added: 2016-12-30  Expires: 2017-12-31


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$10 off coat

Code: No Code Needed
This Duffle Coat will add elegance to the snowiest of days. Boasting a blue or red fabric with black double breasted buttons, you will certainly be able to create an enticing look worthy of your amazing fashion sense.
Added: 2016-12-28  Expires: 2017-12-28. 


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5% off hat

Code: No Code Needed
Hold on to the Christmas cheer when you add this Christmas Pudding Bobble Hat to your favorite ugly sweater. The beanie offers a stylish knit dessert that features holiday garnish that is sure to bring on some smiles.
Added: 2016-12-28  Expires: 2017-12-28. 
Code: No Need
Added: 2016-12-28  Expires: 2017-12-31. 
Added: 2016-12-27  Expires: 2017-12-31. 


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35% off jacket

Code: Not Required
This Dani Faux Leather Mesh Jacket will add that special touch to all of your favorite tops. The jacket shows off a white mesh fabric that won't hide your top, but will bring out even more personality.
Added: 2016-12-22  Expires: 2017-12-22. 
Added: 2016-12-22  Expires: 2017-12-31


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15% off $99

Code: AFF15
Added: 2016-12-16  Expires: 2017-12-31
Code: No Code Needed
Have pride in your curves when you rock this Roya High Low Dress. This dress comes in a flowing fabric that will make you feel like dancing as you show off some skin while looking out of this world.
Added: 2016-12-15  Expires: 2017-12-15. 
Added: 2016-12-19  Expires: 2017-12-31. 
Code: Not Required
Added: 2016-12-02  Expires: 2017-12-31. 
Code: No code to use
Added: 2016-11-11  Expires: 2017-12-31
Code: No code to use
Added: 2016-10-13  Expires: 2017-12-31
Code: AVSHOP40
Added: 2016-08-08  Expires: 2017-12-31
Code: No Need
TEXT SAVE24 to 56457 (KOHLS).
Added: 2016-06-09  Expires: 2017-12-31.