They Are Not The Right Ways To Save Energy

With weather being so hot this year, your energy bill will reach the highest among the year. You must have been reading articles on how to conserve energy here or there. Do you know the truth behind these energy conservation myths? They may be costing you instead of saving you money.

1. Set The Thermostat at Same Temperature Will Save Energy
–Not true. Many people thought the air conditioner will consume a lot more energy when it cools down or warms up the room. The truth is that it uses more energy to maintain the same temperature. The best way to save energy is to program your thermostat so that it is set to higher temperature in summer or set to lower temperature in winter at night or when you leave for work.

2. Leave Lights On Will Consume Less Engergy
–Not True. It may be true before, bit not any more. You should have the habbit to turn off the lights anytime when not in use.

3. Switch Computer To Sleep Mode Is Enough To Save Energy
–Not True. It uses less power when in sleep mode, but it is still a significant amount of energy. You should turn it off completely whenever you can.

4. Eletronics and Appliances Do Not Use Power When They Are Off
–Not True. They are not 100% off when you pressed the off button. They are are still sucking powers slowly and with time the cost will add up fast. The best way is to unplug the power.

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