Saving Tips – Slash a few dollars off your power bills

Do not let the appliance standby. Appliance standby power consumption per household per month could be as high as 20 degrees-40 degrees.

For convenience, after watching the TV with a remote control in hand, one just make the TV in standby mode, which will still spend a lot of energy. If a variety of household appliances stay in standby mode, they will add up to consume a lot of power. To the TV, for example, the average daily per TV stand 2 hours, standby power consumption 0.02 degrees (kWh). Most appliances now have standby function, each appliance in standby power consumption is generally 10% of its average power, around 5 W -15 watts. The statistical calculations indicate that household appliances standby power consumption could add up to 20 degrees – 100 degrees every month. If it is $0.20 per kWh, it translates to a waste of $4 to $20 every month!

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