Ten Things to Keep Out Of Your Shopping Cart in September

Labor Day and Columbus Day will bring lots of sales your way in the month of September. Although the savings might be great this month, there’s a few things that you should try to avoid whenever you can. This month is friendly for most shopping, especially when it comes to summer clearance. However, a few of the items you might be hoping to get a jump start on for your winter and autumn shopping are probably going to be off limits. So, make a note of these ten items, so you can avoid over-spending during this frugal month.

1. Winter Clothes
Some autumn clothes might be taking a decrease in price during September, while others will maintain the high price that you’ve seen since the release of clothing. Winter clothes, on the other hand, won’t be offered at a decent price. You’re going to want to try to hold out until Black Friday or later to grab that new winter coat you’ve had your eye on. You might keep your eye out in the upcoming months for these items as they will sporadically make their way to the sales floor. However, shopping for the items in September won’t give your budget the jump start on the season that you would hope for.

2. Diamond Jewelry
Wedding season is long gone now. Thus, you’re not going to see any major deals on diamonds at this time. Most stores will host sales at the height of the season in order to get future newlyweds to spend a little more money on their rings. Even engagement season is far off, so you’re not going to find any luck in this department either. Your best bet is to hold out until the holiday sales begin. These can start as early as November, so you won’t have to put off getting your jewelry very long. During the holiday season, you will also see a lot of sales on trendy diamond jewelry that will make a great gift for yourself or others.

3. Televisions
If you’re in the market for a new television, then you may want to hold out. Even if there are a few sales here and there, you won’t find the same savings that you would on Black Friday, which is right around the corner. Of course, if you don’t want to brave the crowds or sit in front of your laptop waiting for a deal, you will still be able to find some amazing deals on a television after Black Friday. Cyber Monday is a great option that often holds better deals on technology. There will also be deals going on throughout the month of December to allow all of Santa’s little helpers to get the tech they need for under the tree. If you’re still not pleased with these prices then you may want to wait for the Super Bowl when televisions tend to be at one of the best prices of the year.

4. Halloween Supplies
Halloween is just a month away and you can probably already see Halloween items by the plenty in most stores that you visit. However, you should resist the temptation to dive into these items. You will find better deals the longer you wait. As Halloween nears, many stores will start marking items down if they have an abundance of them left. Amazon, for instance, holds a huge sale on costumes a day or two before the holiday occurs. If you already have plenty of Halloween items then you may just want to wait for the holiday to be over. As soon October turns into November, you’ll be able to grab all the ghouls and skeletons you want for a fraction of the original price tag.

5. Backpacks
Not all students start school in August, but for some reason backpacks tend to go up in price in September. So, if you missed the back to school sales then you may try to work with a backpack that you already own until you can find a better deal on the item. Usually, these items will go on sale again during the winter holidays as students need to replenish their school supplies to start fresh in the spring semester. You might luck out and find some items in the clearance section, but you still may not be paying the best of prices on the bag. Luckily, there are many backpack alternatives out there. Some, you can even make yourself at home with common items.

6. Tech Gadgets
September is usually the time that we see an increase in the release of tech gadgets that people will want to add to their holiday list. Due to this, buying tech during this month tends to not be the best of ideas. Even if there isn’t tech you’re interested in released this month, you might still want to hold off. During this time, stores will be reducing the price on common tech that they have already. This is to help reduce their stock so the new items will have more of a chance of selling. If you’re after the new stuff, you shouldn’t look forward to incredible deals this year. However, you may see a reduction in price around Black Friday, so you may want to jump on those deals if you can’t wait.

7. Cooking Supplies
With wedding season over and students already back to school, cookware tends to take the back burner when it comes to sales. Most things will go back to average prices during this season, which means you probably don’t want to go for the items if you’re on a tight budget. However, if you can hold off on purchasing, you will find incredible deals on items right after Thanksgiving. This will give you plenty of time to plan ahead for your holiday meal later in the year. You may even pick up a few items to save for wedding season or to give as gifts to friends that love to cook. Bakeware will especially be popular during the post-Thanksgiving sales, so try to use disposable bakeware until then if you don’t have another option.

8. Game Consoles
There is going to be a lot of talk about gaming consoles during the month of September because release dates are nearing on many devices that have been anticipated for some time. So, you may want to steer clear of the gaming console section when you head to the store. As the new releases near, stores will continue to drop prices on the old devices substantially. If you can hold out until the release date, you’re sure to find a price that will make you over the moon, especially on used items. Of course, games will be a must have during the month of September, so you might not swear off your favorite game store completely. You might even be able to preorder some items for your new console when it’s finally released.

9. Hotels
With Labor Day typically the last period of summer vacation for many, you’re sure to see some major price hikes in hotels. Usually, this is a time for last minute bookings, so hotels can charge whatever they like and know that they can fill up their hotels without a problem. Apart from people trying to squeeze in a last minute vacation, there are actually a lot of activities going on during this month. For starters, many places begin their Oktoberfest towards the end of the month. All over the world, something exciting is happening which draws in a huge crowd. So, unless you managed to book your hotel room at an incredible rate months ago, you might want to avoid situations that force you to stay in a hotel.

10. Football Gear
With school back in full swing, you’re probably already dealing with football tryouts or the early days of the season. If you have a new student partaking in the sport then chances are you have a long list of items to buy. Some schools will provide some items to help with the expenditure, but many schools leave you to handle the padding and personal items needed for the sport. During this month, prices tend to be above average, so you will end up paying more for the items. You might want to hold out until there is a sale, if at all possible. Before long, these items will be on clearance so you can stock up for the year and next season.

You can find a lot of shopping deals to celebrate in the month of September. These ten items will help you avoid the areas that will cost you a small fortune during this month. With any luck, you will be able to hold out until you find the perfect deals in the categories later in the year.

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