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This Printed Vintage Chiffon Summer Midi Dress will create a dramatic look that you will adore wearing. The dress comes with a black short sleeve top and a red printed skirt that creates the illusion of flawless layers.
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Start college out on a stylish note when you show off this Long Sleeve Shift Mini Dress at your new school. The dress offers a vintage fabric that is highlighted with a rounded turn down collar and black wrist cuffs.
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About StyleWe:

I've never been one to follow trends. Partially, I'm sure it's because I've always been a bit rebellious. But I've always questioned, "Who's setting this trend?" When it comes to food, is it a chef with a great publicist who is making "everything bacon" a popular eating movement? Or is the vitamin industry trying to push one of their supplements because they claim bacon reduces your vitamin B? I'm always leery of trends, and besides, what about personal taste? Just because a critic likes a film doesn't mean everyone else will too. And also, just because a movie grosses 100 billion dollars doesn't mean it's actually good. Most everything when it comes to art, entertainment, clothing, and food is a matter of personal preference. Sure, something can be fabulous and catch the eye of the masses. But there will always be some that don't find it that extraordinary, or who simply don't want to be in a group with a mass. I feel like I've been of that mindset for many things, but especially fashion. I really appreciate original designs. I just know that I don't want to wear something that another might be wearing sitting right next to me. StyleWe.com has all designer clothing, but these are up and coming designers. I absolutely love the concept of this site and many of their items are fabulous. The prices are on point for the item, materials, and uniqueness. I wonder how many of each item they manufacture? I hope not many.

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Nancye Daniel Said about 8 months ago
StyleWe has interesting clothing that cannot be found in retail stores. I get the most compliments when wearing StyleWe dresses.