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Mobility will be a cinch when you have this Deluxe Folding Walker. This walker makes it easier to walk when you're fighting arthritis and other medical problems that bother your legs.
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Beat pain faster when you have this Fast Freeze Cold Therapy Sleeve. This convenient sleeve wraps around the affected area and can be reused by quickly placing it in the freezer.
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About Mountainside Medical Equipment:

I'm an Army veteran who has served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. While I was not a medic, I got some basic medical training. My grandfather was an Army combat medic and he later went on to become a Doctor. My dad was also an Army officer, but he ended up going into the pharmaceutical business. I guess you could say medicine is a family tradition. Now that I am retired from active duty, I also work in the medical field. I love my job because I feel like I am still helping people, just in a different way. I am also training to become a volunteer member of my local first aid squad, so I am always looking out for medical supplies and training aids. I am proud of my service and my country, and I prefer to give my business to companies that support veterans and/or make things in the U.S.A. Some of my co-workers and folks in the rescue squad are also Vets. While training, one of my squad-mates mentioned he found a great place to get his medical supplies, Mountainside-Medical.com. I have to say I am very impressed with this site and the business. Family-run, service disabled Vet founded, they have an outstanding selection of medical products. I really like the way you can search by profession, body part, or symptoms. I got some IV supplies and several bandages and sponges. Prices are OK, but I prefer to support my fellow Vets and shop here.

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