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Prevent spills in your luggage when you pack this Magellan's Total Toiletry Kit. This kit unfolds and hands on the door to bring even more convenience to your traveling needs.
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Keep safety first when you travel thanks to this Floral Passport Cover. This cover will help disguise your passport as a small book and comes in your choice of three different colorful prints.
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Take organization to a whole new level when you try out these Magellan's Packing Cubes. These cubes will make keeping all of your personal items separate so you can easily stay organized on any trip.
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About Magellan Travel Supplies:

As travel becomes more frequent, there is an increasing need for would-be travelers to be prepared with all of the supplies and accessories needed to make both national and international travel a pleasant experience. Having a one-stop shopping site where you can acquire electrical adaptors for use in other countries, luggage, packing aids, health supplies, and much more makes it a lot easier for those who travel on a regular basis to be ready to travel anywhere. Since 1989, Magellan’s has been one of the most trusted sources for all kinds of travel supplies. Founded by two former Pan Am employees, the associates at Magellan’s know what travelers are looking for, and their entire product catalog is available at Magellans.com.

When you shop at Magellans.com, you can find anything that you need to make your travel experience more enjoyable. Whether you need pillows and blankets for in-flight travel, travel wallets, electronics and accessories, or anything else travel-related, Magellan’s has it available for purchase at an affordable price. Frequent travelers trust the expertise of Magellans.com to help them prepare for trips everywhere in the world, and a quick glance at their extensive catalog will help you understand why. Visit Magellans.com today for the best in travel supplies.

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1 Total Comments:
Fran Said over 5 years ago
They have extremely interesting travel supplies. However, their descriptions are highly lacking in completeness. I am looking at lot of things to buy to take on vacation but as I read the descriptions I find I have many questions dealing with product info. I also can't believe there are nothing but 4-5 star reviews. Where are the 1-2-3 star reviews? I'd like to hear both sides of the story. And how do I know all the 4-5* reviewers are for real? I bought a luggage scale from them. I weighed my suitcase. Weight= 72lbs. = Broken scale. When I complained, they said they'd only take it back if I mailed it back. I left it with my daughter who lives in another country.I would cost more to mail it back to the States than it was worth. Even when I bought a different scale from Magellan after I told them about the broken scale, they didn't offer me a discount on the 2nd one. So far I am dealing with them for the last time if the products don't work out the way the catalogue & online.descriptions say they will I find supplies elsewhere I also have never seen a real coupon. The above "coupons"for merchandise are the same price as in the catalogue.