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Take the hassle out of vacuuming when you use this Dyson V6 Fluffy. This special vacuum is missing a cord, so you can maneuver with ease and still offers the same strong suction that other Dyson models have.
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Take back your home from allergens when you use this Allergy Ball Vacuum from Dyson. This vacuum uses special technology to get more out of your carpet, so your home can feel fresh throughout the seasons.
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Make your life easier when you have this Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Vacuum. This Dyson goes from your carpet to hardwood without major adjustments, so cleaning up your home will be done in record time.
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$300 Off Dyson V6 Fluffy Pro Animal
Save $150 on the Dyson Cinetic Animal Vacuum + EXTRA $50
Save $250 on the Dyson Cinetic Animal+Allergy Vacuum + EXTRA $50
Up to $120 off the Dyson Ball Allergy + FREE EXTRA Cleaning Tools
Up to $100 off the Dyson CSYS Task Light + EXTRA $30 off

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About Dyson:

I'd hate to think how much money I have spent going to the doctor's office and paying for prescriptions because of my allergies. When I told my doctor that my allergies are worse when I'm in my living room or bedroom, he asked me if I had carpeted floors. When I nodded yes, he told me that I either needed to invest in a decent vacuum cleaner or consider hardwood floors. Since I like the feel of carpet under my feet, I opted to get a new vacuum cleaner. I had seen plenty of commercials about the Dyson upright and went to Dyson.com to learn more about the vacuum cleaners. I was super impressed with the information! I spoke with one of the customer service reps and she helped me to determine which vacuum cleaner would work best for my situation. I ended up getting the mid-size Dyson upright.

The pros: Dyson products are well thought through. Whether you're looking for a vacuum cleaner, a fan or a heater, it's definitely worth checking out this website. The vacuum cleaners do not use bag or filters. In other words, there are no consumables that have to be replaced on a regular basis. That's a huge appeal! It also has helped me cut way back on my allergy medication. Emptying my upright is super easy and I'm not coughing from a cloud of dust. Dyson products are built to last a lifetime. Products come with a five year warranty and a lifetime of technology support.

The cons: You can certainly find cheaper products elsewhere, but they won't deliver to the standard of a Dyson.

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