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Give your music your full attention when you use these TREBLAB J1 Earphones. These earphones fit comfortably behind your head and offer sound that will knock out background noise immediately.
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The Treblab HD55 is certain to let you belt out the notes while jamming to your favorite music in the shower. The portable speaker is water proof and offers amazing sound quality that goes surprisingly loud.
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Enjoy the way you travel when you have these TREBLAB Z2 Headphones. These headphones are designed to maintain a battery life for days and will give you sound quality that will make you feel like you have your own soundtrack.
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About Treblab:

Going to the gym is one of my favorite all-time activities. I can say that in retrospect, but getting there is another story. I've got to believe that everyone hems and haws when it comes time to getting ready to go to the gym. I know I can find about a thousand excuses why I can't go. But the truth is, it's the best thing to do, and once I get there, I love it. It's not just about the exercise, although I feel so good after a serious workout. I love the "me" time. I get to daydream. I listen to my music. I get out of the house and let all of the worries of the day fall by the wayside. Recently, my local gym announced it was going out of business. Some guy bought the entire building and is converting the space into a garage or something equally as useless. At least the gym notified the clients. A different club in our neighborhood literally went out of business overnight. They left all the clients high and dry and ran off with their money. Anyway, I'm looking for some new ear buds since it looks like I'll be running more. I went on Treblab.com and was pretty impressed with their selection. I've always used the traditional kind, but maybe I'll try the wireless ones. Their X11 model looks like a good deal-evidently amazing sound, sweat resistant, and small. I guess trying them on will be the selling point.

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