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You will feel confident in dresses and skirts when you wear these Shaping Sheers. The sheers are designed to be snag free while offering the compression you need to create a shapely look without worry.
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Help your body look its best when you have these Shaping Sheers. The special panty hose will help give your thighs an unforgettable look while offer a durable style that won't rip.
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About Sheertex:

Sheertex.com offers a variety of sheers, shapewear and other intimate apparel for women.

Pros: Gone are the days of trying to hide rips in your pantyhose thanks to the Sheertex brand. This brand is designed to hold up to tugging, snagging and so much more, so you can always look your best. You can find the pantyhose in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colors, so you should be able to find everything that you need to meet your fashion needs. The website also offers a variety of shapewear too, which can bring some confidence to your overall style. Apart from that, you will find socks, bras, knee highs and so much more. All of the products feature a 30 day guarantee but should last you much longer. They also come in three different heights and sizes that range from a small to a 2/3XL, which will make shopping a lot easier.

Cons: On the downside, if the product doesn't fit, you can't return it or even exchange it because all sales are final. This can be especially tough because the items aren't exactly priced on the frugal side. Apart from that, if you live in the Unite States you might end up paying extra fees since the products are shipped from Canada. The website also doesn't allow for reviews on social media, which means you might not be able to trust the product. It is also a little odd that the clothing is only guaranteed for 30 days, since the product is meant to stand up to just about anything.

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