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About SKLZ:

So what does a music teacher and a sports website have in common? When the high school physical education teacher was injured in a car accident, I was asked to sub for the remainder of the year. Even though the school board knew I was a music teacher, their main concern was to have a certified teacher be the sub. My husband laughed at the idea, but we needed the money, and I said yes. SKLZ.com came to my rescue! I had permission to utilize some of the training videos. We started out with the ones on volley ball. I thought that the girls who already play sports might resent watching a video, but they actually learned a lot. I know I did! The videos are exceptional in terms of the amount of information presented. They are short and we viewed them a few times. I then set up a station where they could practice the techniques that were shown.

The pros: SKLZ.com is a great website if you're looking for training videos for most any sport or performance training. The brief videos will give you step-by-step demonstrations of techniques that will help improve your performance. SKLZ.com also offers strength performance equipment. What I especially like is that you can read detailed descriptions of the items, and recommended videos are listed as well. Thus, if you're purchasing a new piece of equipment that you're not sure how to use, the videos will help you get started.

The cons: It's a minor con, but each time you go to the site there is a pop-up to subscribe to the site.

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