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Make a scene when you add these Kash White Sunglasses to any style. The superstar quality glasses look great all year and feature an orange gradient lens that will warm up your look.
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Step outside of your comfort zone when you show off these Ashton Sunglasses while exploring the world. These sunglasses have a unique and modern design and feature simple green lenses.
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These Capsule Blue Goggles will make you feel like you were made to ski. The goggles cover your eyes to prevent damage from debris while also shielding them from harsh glares from the snow.
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About Revo:

It's funny how over the years certain items become trendy by name brand. When I was a kid there wasn't such in-your-face branding. Sure there were products that we'd buy because we trusted its name, but we weren't expected to advertise it as well. Like clothing today, there's a logo on every shirt, hat, jacket, etc. Yes, there have always been jeans that are trendy and some of the time they cost more. But I think it's funny how some items are "cooler" to wear than others; for example, Tom's Shoes. I happen to love them. They're comfy, fashionable, and they donate a pair of shoes to someone in need when you buy. But something like sunglasses-it's an item we must have, but also something we will most likely lose. Again, I understand name and reputation, but do some UV protective materials cost 10 times more than others? How can I get a perfectly efficient pair of sunglasses for $30, yet brand name companies are asking $200? I suppose it's like the jeans thing. I went on Revo.com looking for a pair of glasses because a co-worker has some with beautiful blue lenses. The site is pretty to look at, but I don't want to see a picture of people in a field. And I don't want to read a page about their mission. And I don't care about Bono, especially after I was forced to listen to U2's album on my new iPod. I just want a pair of nice, reasonably priced glasses.

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