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Boost your workouts by changing your diet with these Protein Smoothies. The smoothies are designed to taste amazing while creating the perfect combination of ingredients to help you bulk up healthily.
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Skip out on the crash diets when you enjoy this tasty Soup Diet. This special diet is made with delicious produce that is designed to make you feel incredible while burning fat much faster.
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About Raw Generation:

This fad of dieting has been going on for decades. Before sugar and fast foods, dieting wasn't really in existence, was it? People didn't get fat, really. Well, they may have, but the voluptuous look may have been en vogue. It seems that over the past six decades or so, there have been consistently different trends on how to lose weight. The simple math is that fewer calories in and more calories out will equal shedding pounds. That would include eating less and exercising more. But, I think in general, people don't understand that it's not just less food, it's about the types of food we're ingesting. Society, especially American, has gotten so used to processed snacks and meals. "Real" food has become secondary, when, in fact, in order to achieve a truly healthy diet, real needs to be primary. Fresh produce, especially organically grown, is the key to best eating-health-practices, at least from my educated perspective. So, when I hear about diets that claim "cleansing" is the way to good health, I am always wary. Starving oneself is not the way to go. I recently perused RawGeneration.com and was actually impressed with their products. They may market them as a cleanse, but their juices, soups, and smoothies are really the best way to eat regularly. Adding in small meals with fresh produce, lean meats, and whole grains would give you a perfect "diet." Their prices are good if you can use a discount code. Personally, I don't like subscription programs.

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