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This Men's Down Heated Jacket will entice you to stay out longer thanks to the amazing heat the jacket produces. You'll feel like you're warm in bed as you run errands, watch a game or hang out with friends outdoors.
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Make late spring snow storms a lot more fun when you have this Women's Down Heated Jacket. This jacket comes with a special device that will allow you to kick up the heat while keeping you stylish.
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About Ravean:

It's been a couple of years that I realize my inner temperature-gauge is a bit off. Having spent time in the snow over many years, I know what it's like to feel cold. But, I also know how to dress properly. I've always dressed in layers. Usually, I'll have a "long john" top and bottom. Then, a long sleeved cotton shirt. If it's super cold, I'd wear a wool sweater and then, of course, a jacket. Sounds like a lot of clothing, right? It is! It's just that for some reason, over the past couple of winter seasons, I get chilled to the bone. Some people claim I'm not keeping my core warm enough. I don't know. One of my doctors thinks I have a circulation problem. He believes I may have a disorder where my extremities can't get enough blood because my body is busy trying to keep my vital organs warm. Well, if that's the case, then that's OK. I certainly don't want my liver or my heart to freeze. But my poor hands and feet get awfully cold, regardless of how they're covered. I'm thinking of getting battery-operated heated gloves from a kickstarter site called Ravean.com. They're supposed to keep your hands warm for over six hours. I have a little reservation about using a battery when my gloves could get wet. I'd hate for them to short-out. Yikes. I'm sure they've thought that through. I'm considering in investing in this company because their warm clothes look promising.

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