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Make your own luck when you use this Athena Pool Cue. The cue shows off a shamrock design with glittery green accents that will make you feel like you can beat any competitor with ease.
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These Eight Ball Mafia's Pink Cherry Gloves will give you an edgy look for your next competition. The gloves feature a dark design with finger holes to improve on your grip.
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This Elite Nexus Purple case will allow you to use all of your favorite supplies at any pool table. The case features a long design, so you won't have to dismantle as well as numerous pockets.
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About PoolDawg:

PoolDawg.com offers a huge selection of pool cues online as well as other billiard-related products.

Pros: Pooldawg.com has "the largest selection" of pool cues and just over 3000 different products for pool players. This website is the perfect starting place for anyone looking to begin their pool-playing hobby or career because of the vast amount of styles that are meant for men, women, children-and even those who are in need of a starter kit. We loved perusing this site because they provide a perfect selection of cues needed for anyone who might consider playing like a pro. The cues are really good looking and they can be matched with the case of your choice. Being able to find the most affordable and durable break cues is very important, especially when it comes to securing the perfect cue in order to start a pool game off on the right foot. For those that are interested in keeping your cue in good shape, PoolDawg brings a wide selection of repair tools, chalk, and many variations of the tip tool. Having a lifetime warranty is a big step to ensuring that you are receiving the full pool experience too. They have cues with awesome designs and beautiful colors. For those that aren't exactly interested in pool, they also offer ping pong supplies, shuffleboard pieces, various game tables, and even poker supplies.

Cons: Finding the perfect cue at an affordable cost is a difficult process. However, if you want to make an investment, quality will be a factor. If you're looking for a cheap stick, then this is probably not the place for you to shop.

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