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Improve your strength and cardio workout when you have this Matrix A30 Ascent Trainer. The trainer is designed to help you make the most of your exercise time, so you can feel like you're getting more for your effort.
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The tension from your day will melt away when you kick back in this Premium SL Track Heated Compact Massage Chair. This chair is designed to massage your upper and lower back while providing your home with a modern style.
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Save $400 on the Matrix T50 Treadmill w/ XIR Console

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About Johnson Fitness:

I was a dancer throughout my childhood and even into college. I had to beg my mom to get me into dance classes when I was about 8 years old. She was a single mom and worked hard to take care of us. I pleaded with her for at least a year. She tried to get me to understand that dance classes each month cost as much as our electric, gas, and water bill combined. I told her I would stop bathing. I used a flashlight at night. I filled bottles of water up at school so I wouldn't have to use our tap at home. After she saw the sacrifices I was willing to make, she understood how important it was for me to learn how to dance. It was already in my blood, I just needed instruction. So without sharing a horrible sob story, I'll condense what happened over the last few years. I got my dream to study dance, but in my last year of college I had a horrible ski accident, which ended my career and left me in bad physical shape. But, the good news is, I have physical therapists and trainers, and I'm getting super strong again! It's cheaper for us to get equipment in the house than join a gym. JohnsonFitness.com offers some top-of-the-line products. What's awesome about that company is that they have showrooms, so we can check everything out in-person. It's definitely a pricey investment, but this site has extremely competitive pricing.

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