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Enjoy life by the sea every time you use this Ocean Harvest 3.6. This set comes with a stylish blue pipe that features a slider and taste screen that will show off your love of the blue sea.
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Keep your pipe secure when you have this Carrying Case. The case comes in a black design that keeps it discreet, so you can travel with anywhere without drawing attention.
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About GeniusPipe:

I smoke weed for my anxiety, but I can't go around with a bong or a regular pipe. They always stink up the whole room, and they aren't that easy to carry around. I found this cool website a couple weeks ago called GeniusPipe.com. I finally found something I didn't even know I was looking for. This pipe is so easy to slip in my pocket, and it doesn't smell bad at all. It's made so that it cleans and cools the smoke as you hit it! The technology in this little pipe is actually genius. When the smoke is cool, I won't burn my lungs like I do with any other pipes I've used. It's a much healthier option. The best part is that my herbs have never tasted any better. I get a better taste than anything I have ever smoked with. Cleaning it out is not a problem either. You just slide the top and bottom apart and clean with 70% alcohol. They also offer a couple of different colors and designs you can choose from. I chose the yellow one because it's bright (and it's my favorite color!) I convinced my friend to get one and she ordered one with the famous "starry night" painting on it. It is super cool but a lot more expensive than just the plain colored ones. They can also be great gifts for friends. If you don't know what color or design to get them, they even sell gift cards!

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