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You will love blasting music while you work out thanks to this FUGOO Sport 2.0. The special speaker is great for offering high quality sound that will truly inspire you to move.
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About Fugoo: offers msuic speakers, bluetooths, and other music accessories. While browsing the website it was simple enough to find all the different accessories and speakers available, conveniently they had a description of each item and what it worked best with. For those of us that are not as technology inclined it was nice to be told what each item was best for and for what conditions it could withstand. It was really nice to see the website offered all of the reviews from various technology websites, technology magazines,youtube videos, and some personal reviews of the company, its accessories, and speakers.

One of the biggest positives was Fugoo's Style wireless bluetooth speakers. They were solid and definitely felt quality, no plastic feel to it. It was nice to know that you could take the speakers with you anywhere you wanted, without worrying about a part breaking off. The best part was even at the loudest (maximum) volume the speakers did not sound scratchy or muffled. The music played clearly, and the volume got high enough to host a large party or take the speakers to the beach. I liked I could take it to the beach without worrying about it breaking or water not being able to go near it since the speakers are waterproof.

While the biggest con was the price, because for bluetooth speakers they were on the higher end, it was still worth the security and the warranty.

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