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Take the first step in tracing your ancestors when you enjoy this Family Ancestry Test. The special test will look for hints in your DNA to help you discover where you came from.
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Help locate lost relatives when you use this Family Finder DNA test. This test will compare your DNA to others, so you can reunite with those that share genetics with you.
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About FamilyTreeDNA:

FamilyTreeDNA.com offers you the chance to get to know more about your ancestry via your DNA.

Pros: If you're interested in where you come from then this website has a whole lot to offer you. The shop offers three main products. The first will break down your DNA so you can learn where your ancestors came from. The other two tests will track your maternal side and your paternal side. However, women cannot take the paternal test since they do not have a Y chromosome. When your test results are complete, usually within a few weeks, you'll find out a lot about your family that you didn't know. You might even be connected with relatives that you never knew existed. Apart from offering these services, the company insists they don't share your DNA information, which might give you some peace of mind. If you've already run your DNA through other websites, like Ancestry or 23andMe, then you can copy your data to the website and gain the knowledge it can give you too. If you're curious about DNA and family, then you might also want to check out the website's blog. There are a lot of great articles that will certainly enlighten you.

Cons: When you're looking at having your DNA evaluated, this website definitely isn't going to be your cheapest option. On top of that, you won't get a fraction of the perks many of the websites offer. For instance, 23andMe can even analyze your health risks and is working on making breakthroughs based on DNA, while Ancestry offers a huge bank of information to surf through in regard to tracing ancestry.

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