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Everyone says your kids grow up so fast, but when they are really little, it's difficult to fathom. But then all of a sudden, they're walking and talking. And then they're going to school. Next thing you know, they're in high school and you're staring at the inevitability of them leaving for college, marriage, or simply to manage their own lives. It hit me really hard when my daughter became a senior in high school. She was just my baby, now she's this beautiful young woman. She's been dating a really nice young man, also a senior, for about three months. He recently asked her to join him at their prom. She was thrilled, and I was so excited for her too. There are two things that matter to a girl these days when it comes to prom: how he asks her, and what she will wear. Since they already see each other often, it would be difficult to surprise her. So, he cleverly arranged to have a pizza delivered to our house with an invitation taped to the top of the box. After he was sure she received it, he rang the doorbell for her response. I think they call it a "promposal." For the dress, she went to Each dress is especially made as per your specifications. The materials are beautiful and the styles are trendy and classy. The dresses might seem expensive, but if you can wear them more than once, it's well worth it.

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