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Learn more about your body's needs when you have this Women's Fertility Test. With a simple finger prick, you'll be able to tell what you need to do to get on the right track for having a baby.
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Balance your diet and health when you have this Cholesterol and Lipids Test. This test will let you know if you need to cut back or if you're on the right track, so you can tailor your diet more efficiently.
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About EverlyWell:

My son is away at college and he told me he has been having stomach problems, migraines, and itchy skin. He told me it has been happening after every time he eats the cafeteria food at his dorm. He had a food allergy test when he was little and came up positive for being allergic to all melons. He told me he hadn't been eating any fruit and he asked the cooks in the cafeteria if they used any melon in their food. They didn't, so I went online to look for a food allergy test kit that I could send to him while he is away. I found this website EverlyWell.com. It has all the test kits you would need. It has tests for food sensitivity, thyroid, metabolism, inflammation, breast milk DHA, testosterone, women's and men's health, and many others that could help you figure out how to keep your body healthy. These tests run from about 50-250 dollars with free shipping. The food allergy test was a little pricey but totally worth it because I could send it right to his doormat. I made sure to look at the reviews to see how accurate the test is and everyone said it is highly accurate. After my son used it, the test told him that he was mildly reactive to 3 different foods he had no idea about. My son feels way better and now knows what foods he has to stay away from. This was a relief to this mom, too.

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