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Get more out of your space when you have this Enjuku Racing Billet Aluminum Magnetic Parts Tray. The tray will hold onto nuts and bolts so you won't accidentally send them scattering around while you work.
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Add some life to your vehicle when you have this ISR Performance Series II EP Dual Blast Pipe Exhaust System. The system is designed to help keep your car's look vintage while keeping it running efficiently.
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About Enjuku Racing:

Racers and car lovers will enjoy shopping at Enjuku Racing. This company offers automotive racing and performance parts for over 20+ vehicle makers with an extensive inventory for Nissan's top aftermarket gear.

Pros: This website offers a unique shopping catalog of car parts suited for both racers and regular car lovers. The company has a specific focus on Nissan and provides gear for 14 Nissan models. In addition, the company also carries parts for 15 other vehicle models include Tesla, Dodge Dart, Mazada, and Lexus. On the main home page, there is a quick breakdown of the different parts types, including body, wheel, cabin, and engine that is available on the website.

Cons: One major con is the generic look and layout of the overall website. The photos do not have a brand aesthetic, which makes the site look a bit cluttered. When shopping for a product, the first link in the dropdown menu is clearance rather than featured parts. This may send a message to the customer that the company is an outlet store rather than a trusted source to purchase high quality gear. Another disadvantage of the website is the inefficiency of the apparel page; each item is listed individually by size rather than merged together for easy shopping. Each size -large, medium and small- all have individual shopping links, photos, and product descriptions which adds to the busyness of the site. Last but not least, the "4 Reasons To Choose Us" is a bit extensive in text and may instead deviate customers away from the site.

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Free Shipping with $300 Order.
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