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The fruit flavors in this Decaf Black Currant Tea will help inspire you to enjoy the day. The decaf tea is perfect for late evening indulges, so you can feel great about your choice.
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Add a boost of health to your diet when you use this 100 Monkeys White Tea. This tea will help reduce cholesterol while helping you enjoy an afternoon treat that warms the soul.
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Balance your body and mind when you indulge in this Feng Shui Tea. This tea offers a combination of blends to help you find the perfect state of mind no matter the time of day.
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About Capital Teas:

We were cleaning out the garage the other day, and it was amazing all the stuff I forgot we had. I found a large box of music cassette tapes. I don't know why I was holding on to them. We don't have a cassette player even. And when we did, it was a pain in the neck; the tapes would get tangled or rip, and it never played the music with decent quality anyway. I was very glad that I kept my vinyl albums-they've come back into vogue recently. I need to get a turntable to hear them again. The other thing we had a bunch of was coffee makers. There was a nice one with a timer, and then another with a broken carafe. I also found my old French press; that one I will keep. Oh, and there was a small espresso maker too. The metal pipe utilized to make foam never quite worked anyway. The milk would always get crusted on the end. If I drink coffee anymore, I use a canister-type machine at work, or at home, I'll just make instant. We've pretty much switched our morning drink to tea. So have many of our friends and family. I like giving "tea" type gifts on holidays. CapitalTeas.com has some really nice and unique flavors. They have gift sampler sets that are perfect for the adventurous or new tea drinker. They offer fine products, but their website loads slowly and creates a bit of frustration.

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