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Help protect your child when you ride together with this Child Trailer Light Kit. The kit helps you install a bright light that will ensure people can see your small trailer as you ride along trails.
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Get back in shape after your baby when you have this 2018 Solo Jogger Bundle. The bundle allows you to run with your little one while still protecting them from the sun, so they can nap with ease.
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Let your pets be a part of the action when you have this Nomad Trailer. The trailer offers a caged in design that still offers fresh air and full protection, so you can take your pet on a cycling trip any time.
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About Burley:

I don't know how my mom did it. She raised my brothers and I in a New York suburb. We had parks here and there. When you say, "within walking distance", we were, but it was a far walk! We didn't have a car. Lots of people don't have their own vehicle because parking is almost impossible everywhere. So, just getting to the park was exercise in itself. I suppose walking to the bus, the store, etc., was all exercise. But, there weren't a lot of activities for kids to do locally. We played handball against the buildings and rode our bikes around town. Thank goodness we had P.E. in school. I don't remember my mom exercising except for carrying groceries home from the store or climbing up and down five flights of stairs to the basement to do laundry. That's a lot of movement, but none of it seems awfully fun. I'm so glad things have changed since then. One of the first things on my wish list when I got pregnant was a jogging stroller. I wanted one from Burley.com. They carry the best child-friendly, safe carriers I've seen. They're reputation is one of quality and they're products are made really durable. I especially like the strollers that have water-resistant covers. I can't count on the weather always being perfect, but I need to get out with the kids a few times a week while I run. I saw on the site they even have event sponsorship opportunities.

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