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Keeping your skin safe will be easier than ever thanks to this Sheer Zinc Continuous Spray Sunscreen. This sunscreen sprays right on and feels like its not even there, so you can move on with your day.
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Ensure your baby's sensitive skin protected when you have this Miracle Moisturizing Face Cream Bundle. This bundle is designed to keep you stocked up in the facial cream, so you can fight back against dryness and wind damage.
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Find back against the cold wind when you have this All Natural Fragrance Free Hydrating Stick for your little one. This stick works for chapped lips and cheeks, so you baby won't suffer after spending time in the cold.
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About Babo Botanicals:

I had my kids when I was fairly young. I was married and in my twenties, but compared to other friends I was (and still am) a young mom. Many of my high school and college girlfriends got on a career path that kept them preoccupied. I, too, have a career, I just didn't want it to take priority over having a family. I remember my mom was young when she had me and I recall us having a great connection. I felt like she was in-tune with my generation. Sure, she didn't like our music and didn't "get" everything we did, but she was energetic and youthful. I'm not saying older moms aren't enthusiastic-I'm just not sure they have the same enduring energy that younger women have. Nonetheless, many of my gal pals are having babies now. They're in their mid-to-late thirties and feel ready. I am happy for them because nothing comes close to motherhood. It's magical and changes you for the better. Anyway, I've got a lot of "baby" shopping to do. There's been a deluge of showers and births. I love looking on BaboBotanicals.com. It's such a peaceful site. Their products are amazing-hypoallergenic and plant-based. I like to get the lavender bubble bath that also doubles as a shampoo. Their herbal products are soothing for babies (and moms). For my tweens, I get the lice prevention shampoo. Oh, they also have zinc oxide sunscreen, which is a must. I find everything on BaboBotanicals reasonably priced.

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