Ten Things That Will Cost You More at Any Dollar Store

When it comes to shopping on a budget, a lot of people turn to one dollar store or another to get the items they need. Although the dollar store is a great asset in many communities, there are simply some items that you shouldn’t shop for there. These items can be a hazard to your health in some cases, which is sure to cost you money and grief later on down the line. Other items simply aren’t such a great deal even though they come from a store known for being cheap. So, next time you’re shopping at the dollar store, remember you should check out these items elsewhere.

1. Batteries
Batteries tend to be a bit pricey when you buy them from any store. So, seeing batteries for a dollar can be a bit tempting to most shoppers. The only problem is, the batteries you buy from a dollar store only harness a fraction of the charge that you would get from batteries elsewhere. This means you will have to buy these batteries several times in order to get the same amount of power, which doesn’t save you money in the long run. When it comes to batteries, your best bet is to actually buy them from a bulk store. This will allow you to get more for your money, and will ensure you can mark this item off of your shopping list for quite some time.

2. Food
Another poor item to buy at the dollar store is food. There’s a couple of reasons why you should not do this. First of all, some of the items sold are actually placed in smaller containers. So, by the time you have bought enough to equal the amount you would get in one container at another store, you have already spent more money than you should on the item. Other items are overpriced at a dollar when you can buy them for much less in grocery stores. Finally, some of the packaging, like cans, may leak chemicals into your food because they are made with cheap materials.

3. Pet Food
If you shouldn’t buy your own food from the dollar store, then you shouldn’t buy your pet food either. This is for many of the same reasons. To begin with, the packaging is smaller and you won’t actually get your money’s worth out of the deal. The dollar store also tends to carry cheap brands, which can cause many health issues for your pet. For instance, some cheap cat foods are known to cause fatty liver disease, which can cost your pet his or her life. Some of the items are made with questionable ingredients too, which could cause your pet to grow sick or not get the proper nutrition they need.

4. Vitamins
Vitamins at the dollar store may seem like a good deal too. That is, if you want minimal coverage. These vitamins are still good for you, but they aren’t as good for you as vitamins that you would buy elsewhere. For instance, some lack the basic ingredients that other vitamins have, which can be crucial to overall health. Other vitamins will use different absorptions, which can cause you to get less from the vitamins you take. So, you might as well take your money and invest in something that will help benefit your body. You’ll not only be healthier, but you will also have more product.

5. Jewelry
A lot of little girls love to shop for jewelry at the dollar store. There are even some cute adult styles that might seem tempting. However, you may want to rethink your initial attraction to the item. Jewelry is one of the top items sold at dollar stores that are known to be made of toxic materials. Not all items have toxins in them, but when it comes to your health and your child’s you probably shouldn’t take the risk. Most department stores will have better quality and safer jewelry for a little more money. You could also check out thrift stores for jewelry, which will cost you around the same price as the hazardous dollar store items.

6. Dishes
The dollar store has a lot of cute options when it comes to dishes. The only problem is, they sell them all separately. This can add up, especially if you have a big family and want to get the full place setting. By the time you’ve purchased enough for everyone you will pay almost double what you would for an actual full set of dishes that you can buy elsewhere. Silverware is also a poor buy from the dollar store. Generally, these items end up rusting or bending before you’ve gotten your money’s worth. So, try to shop for these items elsewhere, unless you’re just shopping for one.

7. Toiletries
Shopping for toiletries at the dollar store can lead you to a lot of trouble down the line. Generally, the toilet paper won’t leave you satisfied and you will use so much of it that you will need to buy more before you plan on shopping again. You’re better off buying a brand that you know will be soft and will get the job done. Sanitary napkins are another skip it at the dollar store. Usually, these items aren’t as large as they could be and they lack deodorizer. This can leave you feeling less than confident and may even cause you to have a leak. Other items like soap and toothpaste tend to come in smaller containers or are of less quality than you would find at other stores. If you do find something worth buying it tends to be from overstock and won’t be back in the store once it is sold out.

8. Electronics and Accessories
You may be surprised when you see electronics in the dollar store. If you’ve ever bought one of these items, then you know it isn’t going to keep for very long. So, you might want to save your money and invest in a slightly better product at another store. Usually, dollar stores will have items like headphones on sale, which tend to quickly lose their sound or break. You might find phone cases, protective covers and more at the dollar store too. These items shouldn’t be as trusted as items that you would buy elsewhere. One of the worst items to pick up is chargers, because they tend to not do the job after only a few uses.

9. Makeup
If you love to look your best, then buying makeup from the dollar store isn’t going to suit your needs. Usually, the products sold are very cheap and won’t offer the coverage you hope for. For many of the brands, you will find that they wear off before the day is over. They also tend to not follow the same color scheme as other products, which may leave you with a foundation that makes your skin tone look a little off. Other higher quality products are sold in smaller containers, which will leave you spending more than you would for a regular sized item. Of course, these items might be fun for children to play with, but make sure you research to ensure they aren’t made with harsh items.

10. Toys
Last but not least are the items that are hardest to resist if you go in the store with a child. Most dollar store toys aren’t worth the small amount of money you pay for them. Many of these items come from countries that utilize child workers. If they don’t come from this travesty, then there is a good chance that they are made with toxic materials which can make your child very ill. Apart from the way the item is made, you can pretty much bank that it won’t be durable enough to last for more than a few weeks. With this lifespan, you might as well spend the money to buy the name brand item that can last for years. Since the toys are so apt to break they may even cause an injury which will not only harm your child, but will also have you spending money on medical bills. So, play it safe when you shop and skip the dollar store toy for your kids. They may not like it, but you’ll be able to keep your peace of mind.

The dollar store can be a great way to stretch your budget further, but there truly are some items that are a trap. These ten items should be avoided when you shop there, so you won’t waste your money or harm your body. Although it does take out many items you typically shop for, there’s still plenty of items that will save you money sold at the dollar store.

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