New Socks From Your Dreamland To Wear With Sandals

Most people don’t wear socks when they are wearing sandals in the summer, simply because they don’t like the plain white socks. Those are the socks you wear when you hike, run, and do excercise, not for casual wear sandals. Today let’s introduce some new types of socks for you to pair with your summer sandals to have a more colorful look and yet protect your toes or heels at the same time.

Mix and Match
You will find the largest selections of mix and match socks from Socks are sold in 3 single ones, you can mix any two of them.


Half Socks
They are designed for ballet dancer. But they also look good on sandals. Find more half socks at Use your imagination to mix and match them!


Search Injinji socks at Amazon you will find plenty of them. With toes seperated and covered, they are perfect for thong sandal styles.


Half Toe Socks
Search ToeSox at Amazon to find these types of socks. Designed with 5 toes seperated and open, they offer you with greater flexibility and strength.


Heel Socks

For those who need to protect their heels while want to display their becautiful nails, these heel socks are you.


Open Toe Half Socks
They do not protect your heels nor toes. But they definitely add more colors to your sandals!


Ballet Liner Socks
They look like a pair of ballet shoes with more colors. Wear them with your fashion sandals and add some serious glamor to your look!



  1. paola says:

    Hi, where can I buy the heel socks?
    Thanks, Paola

  2. chris says:

    also looking where to buy the heel socks

  3. miyana says:

    I got my socks from Wal-Mart for $10 there good for Tom’s or Bob’s so your feet dont stink or get sweaty

  4. Barbara says:

    I looked on-line EVERYWHERE for those exact heel socks. Couldn’t find them and need to protect my heels in sandals without a full sock in the summer these would be perfect! Who makes them?

  5. Susan Critelli says:

    I need to know where to purchase heel socks

  6. C says:

    Heek Socks!!! where can we buy them? where can we buy these?

  7. martha lovell says:

    what company(ies) makes these heel socks, to protect a man’s heels when wearing sandals? I need black ones and the only place I find to buy them is Korea.
    Martha Lovell

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