Frugal Sleep Ideas For Your Bundle of Joy

Many new parents struggle with the concept of where to put their sleeping baby. With a lot of new emphasis on SIDS and a new parent budget, you may find it harder than ever to choose which sleep method is for you. Often enough, you may also have a hard time choosing based solely on price. Luckily, there’s a few options that won’t leave you high and dry when it comes to your budget. These ten tip sleep methods will not only meet your personal needs, but will give you a chance to spend your money wisely. This should be one step in the right direction when it comes to early parenthood.

1. Convertible Crib
When it comes to long term savings, a convertible crib is the way to go. This crib can be purchased in a few different ways, but if you shop well enough you should get one that offers more than two transformations. A decent convertible crib will work for infant stages, older babies, toddler and childhood. Best of all, the price tag of this crib isn’t a lot more than what you would pay for a regular crib. So, by choosing this you’ll have your child set up through childhood without any second thought on your end. There’s a lot of fashionable convertible cribs too and some even come with changing tables. This will add even more appeal to the crib and will save you a lot more money.

2. Baby Box
The Baby Box started in Finland nearly a century ago and is now taking the world by storm. It may seem odd, but this safe sleep space literally is a carboard box with a mattress in it. Despite its simplicity, it has helped cut the infant mortality rate down substantially in Finland. This box isn’t just a sleep space though. If you order one from a store you’re sure to be surprised by all of the great things inside. You can order an exact replica of the box Finnish mothers receive, but this can be pretty pricey. However, Baby Box companies are popping up now. One such company, the Baby Box Company, will even give you discounts for liking them on social media. You also get a free gift from the company by sending in a photo of your child using the box. Some states are giving out the box free to new mothers now, so this may be one of the cheapest sleep options you have.

3. Co-Sleeper
If you can’t bear the thought of your child being too far away, but you also don’t want them in the bed with you, then a co-sleeper is a great option. This convenient bed comes in two different options. One option is actually attached to one side of the bed, so it becomes a permanent fixture. The other can be moved towards and away from the bed as you please. These sleepers help prevent you from rolling onto the baby or having your linens suffocate the baby, so they’re worth the price tag if you want your baby close by. These sleepers are also said to make breast feeding a breeze. With a little shopping around, you should be able to find a cheap co-sleeper for less than $50, but some variations of the bed will charge a whole lot more.

4. Cradle
Some parents like to keep things classic by adding a cradle to their baby registry. A cradle is another great option for babies that can help take some of your worries away. Like a box, the cradle is small so baby won’t be able to roll around much. It also comes with a special leg that will allow you to rock your baby whenever you’re putting them down for a nap. Cradles won’t cost you a lot of money either, but they won’t last long in your household. Usually, when babies get older you move them from the cradle to a larger bed, so keep that in mind when you’re making your sleep investment.

5. Bassinet
Like the cradle, the bassinet is a small alternative that will help prevent your child from rolling around in the sleep space. This item isn’t a rocker though, so it is used primarily for comfort instead of soothing. The bassinet comes in handy for many reasons though. For starters, it is small so you can move it from room to room as you please. This is great for parents who spend a lot of time doing chores in one area of the house and for those who would prefer the baby sleep in the same room as them. The bassinet usually comes with a covering too, which will keep pesky cold breezes off your bundle of joy.

6. Swing
Many people shop for a swing to keep baby entertained, but it can also become a great sleep option for your child. Swings force your child to stay at an incline, so the risk of choking drops significantly. The soothing motion of the rocking and possibly vibrating can make it a lot easier to get your child to nap too. Best of all, you can use the swing to keep your child entertained and sleepy without them even realizing. Since you’re most likely getting a swing for your bundle of joy anyway, this makes it one of the most frugal sleep options around. You should check out reviews before you make any purchases though, because you don’t want to end up with an unsafe dud that no one likes.

7. Pack N Play
If you’re looking for a particularly cheap option for your child, then a pack N play may be your best bet. This amazing play place is the perfect sleep area for your child as long as you make sure you clear it of choking hazards, blankets and pillows before you lay your child down in it. Many pack N plays today also come with a changing table, so you’ll be set for the day. These items are also very simple to move from one room to another, so you can always keep an eye on your little one. They especially come in handy when children learn to move around as they become a safe play place when parents are working on cleaning up the house and can’t keep their full attention on the child. Apart from allowing your child to sleep and play safely, the pack n play can be folded up and transported whenever you visit family or friends during naptime or bedtime.

8. Basket
A basket is very similar to the Baby Box concept. It creates a small space for very young babies to sleep comfortably. However, the basket won’t last as long as the box will. So, if you are worried about your newborns sleeping then consider a basket as they are small and easy to transport from one place to another. Make sure you use a waterproof sheet in the basket though to help keep your baby safe while sleeping. Baskets also make great photography props, so you may want to keep yours for this purpose too. When the baby outgrows the basket then use it to store clothes or other supplies you need for your little one. This will help you get more for your money.

9. Baby Hammock
One new trend going around is the baby hammock. This takes the same principle as the Baby Box, but offers it in a more modern way. The baby hammock does require a crib to be used though, so keep this in mind when you’re searching for one. The idea of the hammock is to help prevent SIDS too. It lifts young babies off of the mattress and gives them their own personal space to snooze. However, this space is very small and waterproof, so baby will be set for anything the night brings. The hammock only lasts a few months, but it will be worth every penny if you’re looking for a safe sleep spot for your bundle of joy.

10. Your Bed
Sharing a bed with your child is highly looked down upon in this day and age because it is one of the highest contributing factors to SIDS. However, if you take safety precautions then sharing a bed can save you more money than you’d expect. For starters, you should try to remove all excess blankets and pillows from the bed. You’ll want to have more space for the baby and less items that could suffocate. Once there, try to map out a space just for the baby. If you have a big bed, then this should be no problem. Try to make it to where you can’t roll over on your child. Many mothers end up sleeping lightly with a child in the bed, which could also help you when It comes listening for the safety of your child. Sharing a bed tends to last a couple of years too, so you won’t have to worry about spending any time soon.

Making sure your baby has a safe place to sleep is one of the hardest things for new parents. From waking up to every single sound the baby makes to dreading the day they roll over, you will be able to rest a bit easier with then ten methods working for you. So, let your body relax and get some sleep, because these options are sure to have you both sound asleep.

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