Fresh and Frugal Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

With the clocks springing forward and the weather warming up, you may find that it’s time to start preparing for the Spring time. One of the best ways to get ready for the seasonal change is to plan out something to do to celebrate the Spring Equinox. In some cultures, this date is actually a holiday that celebrates the renewal of life. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to have a lot of fun though. This March 20, you may be surprised by how amazing Spring time fun can be even on a budget. So get ready to bring in the season of renewal without adding to your budget, because these ten tips are sure to help you make the most of the special day.

1. Build a Kite
The Spring months often bring a lot of wind to the table, so what better way to celebrate then to build a kite with the family. Kites are easier to build than you may think, so don’t overthink it when you make the plans to do so. You can probably find items to build your kite around the house, but if not they are usually a lot cheaper than you may think. Once you have all of the supplies, try to work from a basic tutorial unless you are an experienced kite maker. This shouldn’t take you long and will allow each family member to get a bit creative on their own personal kite. Of course, if the family falls in love with the hobby then you can always work on more intricate designs or enter a kite contest. Simply flying the kite around will help keep the fun of Spring alive though.

2. Organize Clothes
Spring is all about starting fresh, so you may want to take this time to freshen up your closet. Winter is mostly over so it might be time to start putting away the abundance of cold weather clothes that you have out. Once you’ve put these items away then go through the old warm weather clothes that you have. Rediscovering clothes can be a lot of fun, especially if you love to pass down clothes to younger kids that no longer fit the older kids. This is also a great time to discover clothes that were bought on clearance but never worn. Often, people forget these items so it feels like a holiday to check them all out again. When you have your new wardrobe in order, then you may decide to go buy something new in order to celebrate the seasonal change.

3. Celebrate the New Year
In many cultures, the Spring Equinox is actually a major holiday. People celebrate this seasonal change as an official New Year as everything is returning to life and food is in abundance. Nowruz, for instance, is celebrated in many Middle Eastern countries and even features a ball dropping to celebrate the change. You can catch this footage online, which could be an excellent way to bring in the big occasion with the family. You may even consider coming up with a special meal to celebrate. There’s lots on this holiday and other Spring Equinox celebrations from around the world online, so it could be the perfect occasion to learn and try something new.

4. Hand Out Seeds
Nothing says Spring like beautiful flowers popping up around the community. You may also find it the perfect time to add a garden into the spare space in your yard. Luckily, seeds don’t cost a fortune, so you might end up with more than you could possibly need. This could be the perfect time to get to know your neighborhood or community better. If you take to the block or even a local park and hand out seeds to people you meet, then you’ll be doing the planet a huge favor while bringing the community together. You can even add information about saving the planet onto the seed packets, which will help bring light to the problems we’re facing. This gift is sure to make you feel great. You might also check in with your local government to see if there is any place you can plant seeds outside of your own property. If there is such a place then you can pass out the seeds to kids and help them begin planting. This will allow you to share the joy with the next generation.

5. Balance an Egg
One Chinese tradition is trying to balance an egg on the day of the Spring Equinox. It is said that the egg will be able to balance due to the Earth’s position to the sun. If you can balance the egg, then you are meant to have good luck for the rest of the year. This little project can be a whole lot of fun for the kids in your life. You might want to bring out at least a dozen eggs though, just to see if any of them balance. This may take more than luck to accomplish, but the magic of the project is sure to help your children appreciate the celebration and learn something new about another culture.

6. Create a Bouquet
The rejuvenation of flowers in the Spring time is one of the best sights, so to celebrate the Spring Equinox you may want to pick a few flowers and make a bouquet. You can check out all sorts of flower arrangement websites to help out too, if you’re feeling like keeping your bouquet professional. This bouquet can be added to the home or given to someone special in order to brighten their day. If you’re feeling really ambitious, then you can pick many flowers and make a bouquet for the patients at a hospital or nursing home. Sometimes, flowers don’t arrive by the time the equinox rolls around, but you can easily make up paper flowers to feed your need for their beauty until the real flowers begin to bloom. There’s numerous paper flower tutorials, so you should be able to recreate some of your favorite flowers in an assortment of colors.

7. Color Run
The color run is an Indian tradition that helps celebrate the joys of the Spring Equinox. However, over the years this has been transformed into a marathon in many other countries. So, if you’re feeling ambitious and in shape you may want to register yourself to join in on the fun. While you run, you will be dowsed in colored powder, which will leave you looking awesome after the race is over. If you want to experience this with your children or friends, but don’t want to run then you can easily make the powder at home and simply throw it at one another. This could become a favorite tradition in your family and will give you more insight into how other cultures celebrate the rebirth of the earth.

8. Clean Community
Another easy option to help celebrate the Spring time beauty is to give back to Mother Nature. You can walk around your own community and pick up any garbage you see on the ground. This will be a great step into ending pollution and preventing some animals from eating the dangerous garbage. You might also want to get others involved in this task, which could bring the community together to celebrate the magic of the Spring Equinox. Cleaning up garbage isn’t the only way to clean the community though. You can also work on lowering your carbon footprint and bringing awareness to others, so they can follow suit. No matter what you choose to do to keep your community clean, it will certainly help make a difference and allow you to feel connected with the planet that we live on.

9. Sign Up For Spring Activities
Spring is filled with activities to keep the whole family busy. So, this Spring Equinox, you may want to sit down with the family and check out which activities are offered and if you can work out the scheduling. Usually, soccer, track and baseball are starting up, which are all great group activities that can be played by most of the family. You may look into hiking, photography, and other classes that will get you outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather. Apart from that, you can register for activities that will simply keep the body moving. This is a great way to celebrate the New Year and will certainly help bring up your health. Another option is to start children on swim lessons at an indoor pool, so the whole family will be ready to take on the pool when summer arrives.

10. Picnic
Another classic option to celebrate the Spring Equinox is to pack a special picnic for the family. You can take your meal to a National park, local park or even just the backyard. If the weather doesn’t cooperate with you then you could always eat the picnic on your living room floor as the change will certain excite the children. When packing your picnic, try to keep seasonal ingredients in mind in order to make the most out of the season. You might also want to pack some games and activities to keep everyone busy, especially if you choose a park that doesn’t have a playground to entertain the kids. You may even want to turn your picnic into a romantic date for someone special. All in all, as long as you keep the foods frugal then you should be looking at a cheap activity that will build lots of memories.

A shift in seasons can always change the way we go through life. These ten tips will help you celebrate the Spring Equinox without forcing you to spend a whole lot of money. This will certainly make the fresh Spring time air seem even more inviting.

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