Free Activies for Kids in Summer

It has been a month since two of my older kids started their summer breaks. I felt like it has been forever. I have to plan activities for them everyday, otherwise they will either watch TV or play video games for the whole day. Here are some free adventures I will do to kill some time. You don’t have to spend a dime, and you don’t have to travel. All you need is your time to take part into the activities along with the kids.

My kids and I will spend at least one hour at the library every day. I am happy it is only 5 minutes from where I live. They read novels and magazines. And once in a while I allow them to use Internet for a few minutes.

Book Stores
Book store is even better than a library. There are new books and new magazines to read. And my oldest son will try different music CDs for hours.

Shopping Mall
There is no other better places than a shopping mall in summer. Enjoy the cool air while you can save some money on your own AC by turning it off before you go out. The boys love Lego store and try some new gadgets at Brookstone. Every week I will take them to watch a movie. But with popcorns and drinks, it is actually quite costly.

Community Pool
I am glad there is a swiming pool in my community, free of charge. All the kids from the neighborhood gather there in the late afternoon. It is like a pool party everyday!

Cook with Kids
I will pick one day in a week and let the kids take full control the kitchen. I take them to grocery store in the morning and pick up the stuff they wanted to cook. They will know it is not easy being a full time mom and will appreciate your work, – at least I hope so…

Seach your city’s website. And you will find many volunteering job for kids, such as visiting the old, walking dogs in the shelter.

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