Does hard cash just slip through your fingers before you knew it?

Today I am not trying to give you tips on how to save money by spending less or using coupons, but show you that you may be losing your hard cashes in many ways. By following our advices, you can at least save a few bucks every month, or up to $100 a month!

1.Extra Bank Fees
Don’t withdraw money from ATM that doesn’t belong to your own bank. You will get charged $2 to $3 by your own bank, and aother $2 to $3 by the other bank! Some banks or certain bank accounts require minimum balance. If your balance is below the number, say $1000, you will be charged $25 or $50 for the month.

2.Late Payment
Every month you need to pay your credit card bill, mortgage, water bill, utility bill, phone bill, insurance bill, and probably many more. Always avoid late payment as each one will result in a $25 late fees. Set a reminder on your computer or smartphones. When it does occur, always call and ask nicely to get your lates fees waived. If you have a good history, you will get the money back for sure.

3.10% Tips Only
When dining out, don’t pay tips more than 10%. Some restaurants may have include the tips in the bill. Read it carefully. If you eat at a buffet, you don’t have to pay tips.

4.No Tips To Mom and Pop Owned Salons
The stylists are the owner. Unlike the waiter or waitress in a restaurant, they have already made enough money from you. There is no need to pay them extra money for tips.

5.Deposit coins before you lose them
If you don’t deposit them, you will either lose tem or spend them before you knew it. Go to your own bank with a coin counter. The counter at a grocery store will take 10% from your total. What a ripoff, isn’t it?

6.Renew Contract Before It Expires
When you first signed up utility, electricty, cable, high speed internet, or wireless service, you usually get a discount by signing a 12-month or 24-month contract. Once the contract expires, you will get back the “normal” (higher) rate. Call and renew the contract before it expires. You can even ask for a lower rate by stating that you are such a loyal customer.

7.Library Late Fees
For one book, some library charges 25 cents per week, while some charges 25 cents per day. You could be losing money very often.

8.Always Ask Handyman For Discount
Most handymen change you based on the time they spent on the project. But a professional may only take 10 minutes to fix the faucet leak, while a poor trained amateur will take a whole day. How would you pay them based on time? Bargain with the handyman every time, for whatever reason you can think of.

9.Always Ask for Member’s Discount
Many grocery stores offer special prices for members. Although memberships are usually free, many are too lazy to carry them around. Just tell the chshier that you have membership and ask him to apply the member’s discount. The cashier will most likely scan his own member card to give you the discount without asking anything.

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