Buying Tips on Power Tools and Garden Tools

I am sure you have done enough researches online or in stores before you buy any appliance or power tool. They cost you from a few hundred dollars to a few thoudand dollars, you’d better be very cautious when you are ready to pay. Unless it comes with defects, there is no free return, because you will be charged of delivery fee or installtion fee or even restokcing fee as high as 10% of the total price. Read following tips before you go out and shop, they may save you hundreds today, or in the future when you need services or extra accessories.

1. Think Again Before You Buy
If you want to upgrade your car, build a new deck, or mow the lawn on your own, please do the math first: how much you will need on the materials and how much you need spend on the tools. Do you really need a new set of tools? Can the old ones do the job?

2. Is Renting Tools a Good Idea? It Depends.
Renting a power tool can be as expensive as buying a new one. If you are going to use the tool more than once or twice – which is very likely, you’d better buy it. If you really need it for once or twice, why not ask your neighbours or friends? In some cases it makes sense to rent one, for example, if you want to complete a single project.

3. Home Depot or Lowes Don’t Have The Lowest Prices
When you are ready to buy appliances or power tools, the first name pop into your mind is probably Home Depot or Lowes. They can get large volume discount on commodities like lumber or drywall, but not on appliances or power tools. If you perfer to shop at local stores, Sears is the best place. But I would highly recommend to buy power tools online at, or appliances at Shipping are always free, and you don’t have to pay state sales tax. There is no need to compare the prices with Home Depot and Lowes. You can be assured they offer better prices, that is what they live for.

4. Big stores’ serivces are worse than family operated stores
If you think big stores can offer better services, you are wrong. When you make a phone call to their call center, you are probably talking to someone located in India. It is impossible to connect you with either your original salesperson or a service expert. When you call you, you will be directed to representtives one by one, and you need to explain your situation over and over again. This is not the case when you purchased from a mom and pop operated business. The serive man could be the owner of the store. You will get your problem solved much quicker than dealing with those big sotres.

5. Big stores don’t have their own installers and service men
Neither Home Depot nor Lowes has their own service team. They outsource their jobs to small businesses or independent personels. So don’t expect big stores have professionals that are more knowledgeable on how to solve your problems.

6. Ask For Parts Availability
Before you decide to check out, be sure to ask the sales man that if the item you are buying accepts compatible parts & accessories. If not, you ‘d better thank again. If accessaries are needed regularly, for example, filters and batteries, they could be very costly, while compatible replacements could be a fraction of the original prices.

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