7 Ways to Tell Your Kids That You Can’t Afford It

Every parent wants to buy the best things in the world for their kids. But, not all the parents are fortunate enough to afford the best things for their kids. So, they often face the situation in which they have to tell their kids that they can’t afford it. If you also face such situation, then it is important for you to understand that telling your kids “We Can’t Afford It” may set achy feeling in their mind. Telling your kids that you can afford something can also affect the psyche of kids as they can’t understand why you can’t afford to buy something.

Most parents believe that when they can’t afford to buy something for their kids, they should be honest with their kids. However, telling the kids more than they actually need to know often infuriate them as they take things at face value, not because how much that thing cost. Therefore, telling your kids that you can’t afford it is certainly a terrible answer. Here’s a few smart ways to tell your kids that you can’t afford something without upsetting them.

Don’t Say “We can’t afford it”

With the holiday season coming, it would be a tough situation for the parents to tell their kids that they can’t afford it. So, instead of telling your kids that you can’t afford it, you could tell them that “we don’t choose to spend our money in that way”. Experts believe that using the word ‘choose’ acknowledges the effort and emotion that goes into determining the best way to manage expenditure. It also gives the sense of understanding the value of money. So, by using the right words, you can teach your kids about how to manage the money in the rightful way. The better understanding of managing money can help your kids in their future for leading a happy life.

Food and Toilet Paper are More Important

Whether you can’t afford to buy any particular item that your kid desire or you don’t want to spoil your kid for obvious reasons, you can’t just say no to your kid. Since, saying “no” or “we can’t afford it” will make them unhappy, and they will probably throw a tantrum. So, making your kids understand the difference between the requirement and desire of things is another best way to say “we can’t afford it” or “no”. You can explain the understanding of required things by giving an example of food and toilet paper. Since, food and toilet paper are included in our daily requirements. This type of understanding will certainly help your kid to grow as a smart buyer and understand the value of money.

We Will Come Back Later

Pleading and begging for buying certain things are obvious when you are taking your kid for any type of shopping. In such situation, it is hard for any parent to convince their kids why they are not buying any particular thing. Therefore, the best way is to tell your kid that you can’t afford it is to delay buying. Most of the kids covet things on the basis of their appearance or if other kids have the same thing. The desired based on irrational thoughts are often forgotten by the kids. So, by telling your kids “we will come back later”, you can easily say “no” to your kids in the smartest way without breaking their heart or hurting their feelings.

Toys and Gifts are for Birthday or Christmas

No matter what you do, a kid will often ask or demand for new toys and gifts. The demands of a kid for new toys or gifts often turn into whining and arguing. In such situation, most of the parents believe that most of the kids demand due to the character flaws, so it is better to ignore or dismiss their demands. But, it is not the right thing to do as it may upset your kid in a bitter way. Therefore, instead of dismissing or saying no to their demands, you can tell your kids that toys and gifts are for birthday or Christmas. By telling the kids that toys and gifts are for special occasions, you are acknowledging their demand and not dismissing it. It also conveys a message to kids that they can’t demand for toys and gift, unless it’s any special occasion.

Next Time You Can Have Two
Dealing with the demands of kids is certainly a big issue for the parents. If you find yourself in a similar situation where you can’t fulfill the demands of your kids, then you can make an offer your kids can’t refuse. If you have ever seen the “Godfather” movie, then you will probably remember the epic line of Don Carleone – “I’m going to make an offer he can’t refuse”. So, telling the kids that next time you can have two is certainly a luring offer. Most of the kids will smilingly accept that offer as they don’t give any rational thoughts about their demands and offers.

Let’s Go Find a Better Deal

Telling your kids “let’s go find a better deal” is a better way than saying “we can’t afford it”. Most of the kids will not understand why you can’t afford anything. Moreover, telling them the budget and economy slowdown is certainly the waste of time and energy because it’s none of their concern. Thus, by telling your kids that let’s go find a better deal, you are acknowledging their demand and teaching an important lesson of life. You both can look for the best deals on the toys or gifts that you can afford to buy.

Please Use the Money from Your Piggy Bank

If the next time your kid demands something, tell them to use the money from their piggy bank. By telling your kids to use the money from piggy bank instead of saying no or you can’t afford it, you are making your kids to understand that everything is not easily affordable. It also encourages the kids to save money so that they can buy the things they desire. It will also help your kids understand the value of money, and how much effort is required to save the money, which certainly help them in their future.

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