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Be Productive In Your Life – Dos and DON’Ts of Multitasking

Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!

– Anthony Robbins

One of the easiest definitions of multitasking is performing of multiple tasks at one time. Basically, multitasking helps in saving time for more valuable tasks. Unfortunately, with the many benefits of multitasking, it also has few drawbacks. For instance, multitasking divides the focus on any one work, which affects the quality of the work. Multitasking is a controversial subject as some people believe that doing tasks at one time means doing nothing at all.

In addition, sometimes multitasking all the time turns the person into a workaholic. But, there is no doubt that performing multiple tasks at one time will help you to increase the productivity in business, office and home. To reap the benefits of multitasking without any drawbacks, you must split the tasks into smaller jobs. It is also important to understand how to prioritize the tasks as per the importance and time required to complete. Here are the few profitable multitasking Dos and Don’ts that help in improving the productivity of life.


Clips Coupons from Sunday Newspaper While Watching TV

Many people clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper to save money on grocery, electronic items and home décor. But, clipping coupons often take much of the time. But, if you clip coupons while watching the TV, then you can certainly save time. Since, clipping coupons and watching TV doesn’t require much attention, which eliminates the chances of any drawbacks. You can spend the saved time with your family to improve and strengthen the relationship with family members or do the household work.

Make Phone Calls While Running Outdoors

Making phone calls while running outdoors is a best way to save the time as you will be multitasking by talking on the phone and running at the same time. In addition, making phone calls while running outdoors also help in saving money. Since, when most people are running outdoors, they usually talk about the important things only. Thus, next time, when you are running outdoors, make use of your time by calling your clients or friends while running.

Plan Next Day’s Meal When Cooking

Planning a day ahead is certainly the best way to save time to do the productive things in the spared time. One of the best ways to save time by multitasking is to plan your next day’s meal when cooking. By planning the next day’s meal, you will easily save time on last minute thinking about the groceries or items you need for the next day’s meal. In addition, after determining the things you need for your next day’s meal, you can get them while you are returning from office or outdoors.

Make Plans While Taking A Bubble Bath

Taking a bubble bath is often considered as the best method to relax the body and mind. In the peaceful state of mind, you can certainly think positive and productive things. In the calm state of mind and body, you can easily set the priorities of work you have to do in the coming week or the next day as per their importance. So, making plans for tomorrow or the next week while taking a bubble bath will save time and improve the productivity of time.

Organize Your Room While Reading A Book

Another efficient multitasking is organizing your room while reading a book. Organizing a room and reading a book involves mind and hand. To organize your room you don’t need to think much as you already know where your things should be placed. Similarly, while reading a book, you can focus on the reading as organizing your room doesn’t include mind exercise, which could cause any hindrance in your reading. Thus, this type of multitasking has maximum benefits and no drawbacks.


Watch TV While Running On A Treadmill

Multitasking is a recommended method to be productive in life. However, performing the multiple tasks such as watching TV while running on the treadmill has drawbacks. Since, watching TV and running on the treadmill requires concentration of your mind. So, watching TV while running on Treadmill will cause distraction, which will lead to falling off a treadmill. Therefore, for multitasking, you must precisely choose the tasks that do not involve concentration of your mind at the same time.

Reading On Toilet

Reading on the toilet is preferred by many people as they feel that it saves time. However, from the medical standpoint, reading on the toilet can cause hemorrhoids. Since, toilets are designed specifically to improve the bowel movement. But, when you sit on the toilet for the longer time, then it causes pressure on the rectal veins, which causes hemorrhoids. In addition, if you share the restroom, then keeping it occupied for the longer time is a bad manner.

Watching TV When Having Dinner

It is certainly a bad idea to watch TV when having dinner as it has many drawbacks. The foremost drawback of watching TV when having dinner is that you eventually end up eating more. Since, you will be focusing on the television and not on your food, which will lead to overeating. While some people eat very slow while watching TV, which will definitely waste your time. Thus, you must avoid eating dinner while watching TV.

Thinking Of Something Else When Having Sex

To enjoy the lovemaking session with your partner, it is important that you must appreciate every moment and feeling. Some of the people think that thinking of something else when having sex helps them to last longer. But, when you are thinking of something else when having sex, you may lose the sexual sensation that will lead to dissatisfaction for you and your partner. Thus, you must not think of something else when having sex with your partner.

Thinking Of Something Else When Listening To Your Kids

Do you feel you have to yell to your kid to get their attention? But there is worse: thinking of something else when listening to your kids is a ridiculous idea to be productive in life. A good parent always listens carefully to their kids. Communication is a key element of a strong and healthy relationship. Active listening with your kid shows that you are interested in whatever your kid has to say. It also denotes that you genuinely care about your kid’s thoughts and feelings. Thus, you must always concentrate on what your kid is saying rather than thinking about something else.