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Top 10 Products Kids Most Wanted

What are products that most kids want? Believe it or not, today’s kids are more knowledgeable and tech-savvy than they used to be. Nowadays, kids are following the latest trends and technologies at the younger ages. As per a recent study, it has been concluded that most of the kids start independent purchases by the age of eight. Also, most of the kids can easily operate latest programs and software in compared to their parents. Moreover, today’s kids have more spending power than their previous generations. Thus, the kids market has grown bigger and bigger with the innovative products due to the demands.

In addition, kids often prefer and demand the latest electronic products that offer multiple benefits. So, if you are considering buying any product to give as a gift to your kid, then you might want to look at the list of top ten products that most of the kids want.

1. iPad

Gone are the days when traditional Nintendo game consoles were the favorites of kids. Today, most of the kids of age six to twelve prefer to buy an iPad or receive it as a gift for the entertainment and fun. Moreover, an iPad is not merely used for the entertainment and fun, but it provides the facility to stay connected with the friends on social-networking websites. It also provides the facility to watch videos and listen to the music online at any time. It can also be used for the educational purposes to read the e-books or search on the internet for study materials.

2. iPod

The iPod is another most wanted product among the kids. The latest iPod touch offers all the facilities of an iPhone except the abilities of a mobile phone communication. It provides the facility to store thousands of songs, videos and pictures as it is available in 8, 16 and 32 GB flash memory. It also has Wi-Fi features, which enables the wireless internet connectivity to check emails, watch online videos or connect to the social-networking website. You can also download various applications online for various purposes. You can also use the iPod as a pen drive for the data storage.

3. PS3

The Sony’s PlayStation 3, which is also commonly known as PS3 is one of the most popular products among the kids and adults. The PS3 can easily provide high-definition audio quality with the high-definition graphics output for the superior gaming experience. It also features various networking options for playing multi-player games. In addition, the PlayStation 3 is the only game console that can easily play CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs to watch movies. It also provides the facility to store, share or watch the music, videos, photos and games.

4. Trampoline

The trampoline is one of the all-time favorite products for all the kids. Since, the joy of jumping higher is almost similar to flying, which certainly is entertaining and interesting. Also, it is believed that jumping on the trampoline for ten minutes is similar to walking for thirty minutes. Thus, it can easily ensure the proper body growth and health of your kid. In addition, exhilarating experience of jumping on a trampoline will surely keep your kids out of the couches. The trampoline is available in various sizes and shapes. Therefore, it can be used outdoor or indoor as per the preferences.

5. Teeter Totter

Every person has experienced the joy of riding on the teeter totter. It certainly is one of the most wanted products of the kids as playing on the unbalanced platform of the teeter totter can be lots of fun. The teeter totter is available in various styles and shapes to provide thrilling fun. There are many companies that manufacture teeter totter for the backyard or garden that also spins with seesaw movement for the superior fun for kids. The teeter totter is also an ideal gift for the twins and siblings. Since, the teeter totter can encourage the cooperation with lots of fun between the twins or siblings.

6. Water Toys

In summer, there is nothing better than playing water games in the cool water of the pool. There are many water games such as sprinkler “freeze” game, diving for pennies and ice cube hunt. Moreover, for the maximum entertainment of your child, you can get some water toys. Some of the most popular water toys are squirt gun, which is used to spray cold water on other kids or family members. Another popular water toy is water trampolines, which is ideal for the bigger pools. Kids swim floats are also the best water toy as it helps younger kids to enjoy the cool water on their own.

7. Lego

Since 1949, Lego games have been one of the most favorite entertainment products for kids. Moreover, Lego toys are loved by kids of all ages as the quest of creating objects, buildings or vehicles from the plastic bricks is certainly an interesting and entertaining experience. For many kids who love building with Lego will love the Lego game kits. With the Lego bricks, the kids can use their imagination to design new objects. In addition, the Lego kits such as preschool and creative games are helpful in teaching kids in the most entertaining way.

8. Bicycle

The bicycle is undoubtedly one of the most wanted products among kids of all ages. No matter how old your kid is, he or she will definitely love to ride his or her first or new bicycle as it gives them the sense of freedom and speed. Moreover, bicycle will help your kid to stay active, which will definitely aid in the healthy body growth of your kid. Since, bicycling helps in burning calories and strengthening the bones. For the toddlers, the toddler bicycle is a fine way to teach coordination and balance.

9. Scooter

Most of the kids of around six to eight prefer to cruise around the block with the neighborhood kids on a scooter. Riding a scooter is certainly fun for the kids as it gives them freedom to roam around the home and gain health benefits. Riding scooter also helps in improving the motor skills and balance coordination in the kids. Nowadays, various types of scooters are available such as stand-up scooter, electric scooter and sit-down electric scooter for the kids of all ages.

10. Dollhouse

Kids of all ages love to play with the dollhouses. It gives them pleasure and freedom to utilize their creative mind to decorate the dollhouse. However, dollhouses are often considered as the favorite product of girls only. But, most of the boys love dollhouses as much as girls. Due to the popularity of dollhouses among the boys, many manufacturers have introduced fire station play set and airport play set, which are also called dollhouses for some reason.