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5 Free iPhone Apps That Can Save Your Money

If you are an iPhone user, there are many free apps that can help you find the cheapest prices, local restaurant coupons, cheapest gas price, etc, which can save you lots of money in your daily life!

RedLaser Barcode Scanner
When you shop in a store, you must be wondering if you can find a better price online. Now with RedLaser, you can easily take a photo of the product’s barcode and then compare the prices online automatically. Now it is your call to buy it in store or buy it online.

Key Ring Reward Cards
Loyalty cards can help you save some money and get points for later use. But when you have too many of them, you don’t want to carry all of them in your wallet or in your key ring. This free app is here to help. It will take a photo of the reward card and store them in one place. When you check out in stores, all you need is to present your iPhone to the clerk.

Cheap Gas!
The app will get your current location and find all the gas prices nearby. It also tells you the distances from the gas stations. You decide if it worth to drive there and save a few cents.

Coupon Clipper
They collect all the in-store coupons for your location, including retaurants, spas, auto shops, retail stores, or even dentists. But I mainly use it to find restaurant coupons in my location. It works pretty well for me.

When you shop groceries, you must be trying to find the cheapest prices. But with differnt units, such as pound, kg, oz, it is very hard to compare prices. GrocerySaver will help you convert them into one unit price.

4 Signs That You Need A New Bra

We need to work, as well as take a break. So is our breast. It need exercise, and also need to get freed some times. A good bra is needed when you work and do exercise. But it will only last 10 months at most even if you take good care of it. Here are the signs that you should get a new bra before its life span:

1.The bra straps slide off your shoulder very often
The straps will be loose after wearing many times. When this happens, your bra will no long give enough support to your breast.

2.The cups move up very often
Cups can change their shapes with time. It is very common that they move up often, especially when you are walking.

3.There are red marks on your back
The straps will become tighter and tighter after each washes, which is the cause of read marks on your back.

4.There are red marks below your breast
The shape of the underwire can change too, even if it is made of metal. Use bra washing ball every time you wash your bras to protect the underwire.