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Is More Expensive One Worth It?

Weather you shop in stores or online you will find many similar products with different prices. You must have wondered if they worth the money or not. For electronics or computers you can probably find many product reviews online and find the one right for you. But what about shampoos and conditioners, bananas and pizzas? Should you buy the more expensive or go for the cheaptest one?

Shampoos and Conditioners
Go for the more expensive ones in Sam’s Club or Costco. The cheap ones at Walmart are usually diluted with more water.

Get the cheapest one! The organic bananas will taste same as the conventional one. And the peel is thick enough to prevent the contamination of synthetic fertilizers and insecticides.

Bottle Waters
Get the cheapest one! Don’t expect the more expensive ones will taste better or better for your health. They are basically the same H2O in different bottles.

Get the expensive one! The frozon pizzas in grocery stores may be as cheap as $2.99 each, or as much as $8.99 each. The more expensive ones are thinker and have a lot more meat in it.

Inkjet Cartridges
Get the cheapest compatible inks if you do not use them to print photoes. The prices of compatible ones are usually a fraction of the OEM ones. To print both text and images from a document or website, the compatible inks are good enough. To even lower the price, buy ink refills online!

Get the cheapest one online! More than 80% of toys are made in China. For the same or similar toys, don’t expect the more expensive ones are less harmful to kids. They are just tagged with different prices from stores to stores. Take a picture of the toy you have seen in Toys R Us and purchase it later online from stores such as Wayfair, you will usually save 30 to 50%!

Get the cheapest one with paperback online! If you find a hardcover copy, search the paperback version, it is at least 50% cheaper. And sometimes at Amazon Marketplace you will find the book a little bit cheaper. But make sure the merchant is located within United States. Or ignore it if you don’t mind receiving the book a few weeks later. is actually my favorite place to shop for books, because their prices are marked lower than those at Amazon. It offers price match on all books (excluding free shipping books), but it is too hard to use the feature – you have to contact their customer service in order to get a few cents off! has the largest inventory of used books, – for people really wanted to save some bucks and protect our earth as well, this is the best choice.

Car Parts
Get the expensive one! There are many brands that are unfamiliar for most people. And their prices vary greatly. For you own safety, you should go for the more expensive one, which will also last much longer than the cheap parts and save you money in long run.