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10 Signs That You Are Addicted To Shopping

Who doesn’t like shopping? But, if shopping has become your hobby, then you are probably heading towards a big trouble, which is commonly known as Shopping Addiction.

Lately, shopping addiction or compulsive shopping has been shaping up as a world-wide pandemic. In medical terms, shopping addiction is a type of impulse control disorder, which causes senseless and irresistible desire to shop. The compulsive shopping is also linked with the drug addiction and gambling addiction by some researchers because it includes similar traits.

A study suggests that compulsive shopping is a method for many people to escape from negative feelings such as boredom, depression, anger and anxiety. But, compulsive shopping to escaping the negative feelings is short-lived as it leads to the debts, which further leads to the depression and regrets due to the overwhelming debts. In simple words, a Shopaholic often traps himself or herself in a vicious cycle of debt, which results in financial, family and psychological problems. Often, a Shopaholic has been unaware of the addiction until financial problems arise. Thus, before compulsive shopping becomes uncontrollable, know the signs.

1. You Go To Store Without A Goal
The most common difference between a normal shopper and a Shopaholic is the purpose of shopping. A normal shopper usually decides what he or she has to buy before visiting any store. In addition, a normal shopper also thinks whether he or she can afford buying any particular item. But, for a Shopaholic, it’s always about the love at a first sight to buy goods or products. Since, a Shopaholic never thinks of the productivity or profitability of any product before buying.

2. You Stay Online Watching For Sales And Deals
Nowadays, the internet has become a main medium for gathering information, data and communication. But, if sales and deals have become your main motive to be online, then you are definitely addicted to shopping. Since, good deals and sales are some of the good excuses used by the Shopaholics to spend more money on unnecessary goods. Moreover, a Shopaholic often keeps tab on sales and deals by maintaining a calendar or a note on their to-do-list.

3. You Regret It The Next Day
If you are shopping fanatically without any motive or purpose, then you will definitely regret it the next day. Since, you will find a pile of unnecessary items or goods that have cost you hefty bill. Most of the people who are addicted to shopping use their Credit Cards or Bill Me Later services to pay for the products or goods they have purchased. But, when it comes to paying for the credits given by the bank or bill me later service providers, Shopaholics always regret because they have spent much more money than they actually have.

4. You Borrow Money From The Credit Card Company
The people who are addicted to shopping always consider credit card as their best friend as they can shop as much as they want without worrying about the instant payment. Using a credit card to shop is similar to spending the money that you don’t have. Therefore, access to the credit card for a Shopaholic could be disastrous. Moreover, most of the Shopaholics carry multiple credit cards just for shopping purposes. So, if you are dependent on the credits offered by credit card to shop because you actually can’t afford to pay the bill at once, then you are addicted to shopping.

5. You Use Bill Me Later
Bill Me Later is a credit service provided to the customers to pay for the products or goods in easy installments. Bill Me Later services often seems lucrative offer to a Shopaholic. Most of the Shopaholic, who have do not have access to much money or credit card, quenches their thirst of shopping by using the credit services such as Bill Me Later. But, when the time arrives to pay the Bill Me Later dues, a Shopaholic always faces financial trouble because they have overspent on shopping.

6. You Don’t Have A Saving Account
Most of the people choose to open a saving account to save the money for emergencies or to buy essential things such as home, vehicle or furniture. But, a Shopaholic can never save money because he or she can’t resist the urge to shop. Thus, a person who is addicted to shopping will never consider opening or maintaining a saving account. Moreover, a Shopaholic will prefer to use the saved money to spend on shopping unnecessary items or goods.

7. You Buy Because Of Price Drop
Buying useful and required products or goods on sale or at a discounted price is certainly a good method to save money. But, for a Shopaholic, knowing the price drop on products or goods is like experiencing an adrenaline rush to shop. Moreover, a person having a shopping addiction will always end up buying a bunch of similar items because they are available at discounted price.

8. You Don’t Tell Your Spouse What You Have Bought
Most of the people addicted to shopping often hate to confront that they are overspending money on shopping. Thus, a Shopaholic will start hiding bills and goods from the spouse to avoid the confronting situation. In addition, the person addicted to shopping will often lie about shopping because he or she will feel embraced when other people will be shocked to find out that he or she own 100 pairs of sandals or shoes. Lying or hiding things from your husband or spouse often leads to suspicion, which could cause divorce or break-up.

9. You Go To Black Friday Sale Every Year
Holiday buying season such as black Friday is a good excuse for the American consumers to buy the products and goods because they are available at the discounted rate. For Shopaholics, the holiday buying season is an open invitation to spend as much as you can on shopping by giving the discount excuse. On Black Friday, most of the people addicted to shopping will max out their credit cards to buy things that they fell in love at the first sight.

10. You Shop When You Are Traveling
The people addicted to shopping often shop wherever they go. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether they are on a business trip or a holiday trip, they will always end up shopping. In addition, for most of the Shopaholic, the duty-free store at the airport is also the best excuse to buy goods or products. Moreover, the Shopaholics always consider shopping as a medium to relax after an exhausting trip. Some of the Shopaholics often plan their trip just to satisfy their shopping addiction.