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How not to get ripped off when shopping online

Nowasays internet shopping has been adopted by most of people. People are realizing that it is more convenient and could save your money and energy. But there are also more scams than shopping in local stores. Here are some tips avoid the online shopping scams.

1.Don’t buy any accessories recommended by the website
If you are not sure if you need the assessory or not, don’t buy it. You will find out later when you receive your item. Compare prices again and accesories from other web stores could be much cheaper.

2.Don’t listen to the customer service
After you have checked out online, some merchants will call you to confirm the order, while some will call you to sell you more stuff or warranties you don’t need. Don’t listen to them and and don’t buy anything from them. When you shop at brand name stores such as Amazon and, you are assured this won’t happen to you. But there are many small electronic stores that are living on the profits from the extra accessories they sell.

3.Don’t shop at Groupon
Don’t believe any deal-of-the-day website, inclucing the big names such as Groupon or LivingSocial. The prices are definitely attractive, but most people are not satisfied with what they have purchased from these sites, unless all you care is the price.

4.Don’t shop at eBay
I am saying you won’t get a good deal from eBay. But you are more likely to get something different from you expected. Most of the online scam came from eBay. To be 100% safe, my advice is to stay away from eBay.

5.Don’t shop at Amazon Marketplace
You can trust Amazon, but you shouldn’t trust Amazon’s Marketplace. They are thousands of small retailers who uses Amazon’s interface to sell their own products and they have nothing to do with Amazon.

6.Don’t buy any final sales
Final sales are usually much cheaper than regular prices, but it also means you can’t return the product. If you are not 100% sure, don’t buy any final sale product.

7.Don’t buy anything shipped from foreign countries
This is tricky, because it is very hard to tell that the items are shipped from abroad. When the prices are extremely, you should be alerted. Try to find their contact and read their “About” information.

8.Don’t believe you are the lucky one
If you received an email or short message, or read it from a popup window that you are the lucky one – either you get a huge discount or tell you today is the final sale, don’t be so naive to believe that.

9.Don’t buy any luxuries from the stores you don’t know
Most luxuries only sell their products from their own websites, or at most a few other stores such as Saks 5th Avenue or Neiman Marcus. If not, they are fakes ones. Some websites may tell you they are selling replicas at very low prices, while some will sell replicas at original prices!

10.Don’t buy from any new website
If you start your shopping from price compare engine, be aware of those low prices. They are usually new websites that have no ratings or very few ratings (possiblly fakes ones). Don’t buy from them, it is very possible that you will receive refurbished or open-box item without knowing it.