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Bra or Bra-Less? It Is My Own Choice!

Yesterday was National No Bra Day. I didn’t know about it and had never heard about it before, until I got many retweets from my friends and co-works – femaile of course. Most of the tweets started with “Dare you” or “Dare you not” and ended with “LOL”. I wondered how many of these people are really serious about freeing their breasts for one day.

It is not a science
No-Bra supporters claims that your breast need to breath and related breast cancer to wearing bras. But after hours of research online, I haven’t found any solid evidence provided by professionals that they are true. If I am wrong, tell me about it. My Ob-gyn told me nobody can tell if breast cancer is related to bras or not, but it is true that wearing bras are better to your health than not-wearing.

It is my own choice!
Other supporters think bra-less is sexy. I agree with it in some extend, – it depends on what clothing you are wearing and what size and shapes your boobs are. If your size is full C or D cup or above, don’t ever try. Wear adheresives if you are wearing silk or sheer dresses. But, this is completely your own choice: some think it is sexy to show the beauty of their breasts, while some think it is embrassing. There is no right or wrong, nor dare or dare not. Do what ever you feel comfortable with.

How to wear a right bra to work?
If you are a work lady, especially if you are young and single, not wearing a bra gives a bad signal to some males. Like all workwear, you should pick a work-bra, if there is such a term. It should cover at least 2/3 of your breasts, and should not be made of silk or lightweight fabrics.

Bra or bra-Less at home?
For full time moms, wearing bras in the day time and taking them off at night is my suggestion, – actually suggested by many doctors.

How to be bra-less in public?
Not wearing bras in a beach resort is OK with everybody, unless you are not feeling comfortable. And in summer 2012, sheer dresses are celebrities’ top picks. You can find many of them not wearing bras in all occassions. If you are such a trendy girl, try bra-less or start with adheresives.

Where to get bras online?
If you are used to visit Victoria’s Secret to buy bras, there is no need to change your habbit. I wouldn’t buy any bras lower than $30 at Victoria’s Secret, because those are made of cheap fabrics and do not give you enough support. If you are OK with shopping bras online, and are my recommendations. 20% to 30% off coupons are very common at Bare Necessities