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Father’s Day Gift Tips

Mother’s Day was just two weeks ago. Now Father’s Day is around the corner. For women who like to shop for gifts, it is a good chance to buy some gifts for their beloved ones, and maybe something for themselves too. I am not an expert on buying gifts, but every time my husband was happy no matter what gift he received. Here are my secrets I want to share with you:

1.Ask Him What He Wanted
Simple enough? Men will appreciate if you ask. It means you care what he likes and you want him to be happy. Make suggestion for him, but please make decisions for him.

2.Don’t Try to Surprise Him
Men are not as sensitive as women, and most men do not like surprises. They need everything in order and in control. If you really want to play the trick, at least tell him what kind of gift you are buying, and what price range it will be.

3.Don’t Spend Too Much Money
Men worried about their financial status more than women do. If you spend too much money on a gift for him, he will feel guilty about it. If your budget is tight, he will understand and appreciate a cheap gift. Acutally some gifts can be free too: a kiss, a love note, or a sex.

4.Ask Your Kids To Be Part of It
Ask your kids to say something nice to their dad on the day. Or ask them for write a thank you note. Take your kids to celebrate the day with their grandfather is a good idea. If you can’t gather together, ask your kids to write a letter for their grandfather.

5.It Is OK to Forget About The Gift
It doesn’t mean you can forget about the day, although statistics shows that more than half of the dads don’t remember the day, – if you don’t remind him. You don’t have to prepare gifts for Father’s Day, but you have to treat him special on the day.