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Stop Hiring Handyman: 7 Easy Do-It-Yourslef Home Projects

Sometimes people hire a handyman because they are too busy, sometimes it is because they have absolutely no idea on how to do it. But most of the time they are just being afraid especially when it is the first time to repair something. Here are list of things I am sure you can do it yourself and save the money on hiring a handyman. Thanks yo Youtube, you can find many easy-to-follow how-to videos. After you have done it once, you will see how easy they are.


Fix A Dripping Faucet

It can most likely be fixed by replacing a washer. All you need is a scewdriver and an adjustable wrench. And you don’t have to find an identical washer. Most brands are exchangeable as long as they have the same size. Here is the video to guide you through the whole process.


Clear Clogged Sink

Many clog removers claim they can dissolve most tough clogs. But the truth is I have tried many brands, the Liquid Lightning Drain Opener is my ultimate and only solution. It is usually a black bottle wrapped in a clear plastic bag, and very easy to find it at Walmart or Walgreens. Be careful, this solution is very dangerous, and it could stain your sink if you leave it through the night.

Install Window Blinds

We have recommended a few sites for you to shop blinds online. Measure the window size and place order online, you will receive blinds up to 90% off that can get at Home Depot or Lowes. The tools you need include a cordless power screwdriver, a twist drill bit set, a measuring tape, and a pencil. The blinds will come with a easy installation guide. It won’t take more than 5 minutes for you to figure it out. Or watch this video to get you started.


Fix A Rattling Fan

The rattle is annoying, but most people may fear to fix something hardwired. As a fact that esacpes most of homeowners, many exhaust fans are a snap to repair. All you need to do is to remove the fan from ceiling and put a couple drops of oil on the fan shaft. Get on a ladder, pop off the fan cover and remove a few screws, you can safely remove the fan. Watch this video from


Quiet A Squeaky Door

There is nothing easier than this. Just drop a few drops of oil into all the hinges, open and close the door for a few times. That is it.


Replace Faucet Caulk

It is very common that your kitchen or bathroom silicon caulk goes bad, – you can tell when its color turned dark. Water seeped in can ruin the countertop or drywall in time. Remove the old clauk, clean and completely dry the area, and apply the new caulk. Spending a few dollars today could save you thousands in the future!


Fix Leaking Toilet

This is absolutely a men’s job. But actually it is so easy that 99% of chances that it can be fixed by replacing a toilet flapper. Watch this short video on how to replace a flapper. A general flapper that fits most toilet can be found at Walmart for $2 to $5 each. For a special brand, such as Kohler, you need to find the exact model for your toilet. Go to and find what you need.