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Am I spoiling my son or too harsh on him?

I am an average mom with an average family income, paying average amount of tax every year, living in an average house like most of other mid-class families, and driving a $25K car filled with 89 gasoline. I have a super smart boy, 8 years old. Well, maybe not that smart, I can’t be sure. I know I am definitely not a “Tiger mom”. I would not ask him to play piano for hours, not even 10 minutes a day. I do not expect him to go to Harvard, because I am afraid I can not afford the tuition. I do not ask him to be the number one in his class, I am satisfied as long as he did his best.

I don’t know how much other parents would spend on their kids. I am posting my average expense on him here. Tell me if I am spoiling him or maybe too harsh him.


I buy clothes for him once every season. All his clothes are either from Gap or Abercrombie and Fitch Kids. I only shop at Gap when I received a 30% off coupon, or A&F when theire is promotion. Every time I would spend about $200 to $300, a little more in the winter of course. So on average I spend $100 every month.


Two pairs every year, each pair is about $60. All his shoes are purchase online from They are either Geox or Clark.


About $20 every week. We shop grocery once a week. And we go to the mall almost every week. Every time he would buy a small toy, such as pokemon cards, or hot wheels. I would also buy some educational toys for him online, not very often though. So average expenses on toys for him is about $100 every month.


His school requires him to read at least 100 minutes a week. He usually finished a book in a week. So we went to Barnes and Noble almost every week, and buy a book around $10. His average expenses on books is $40 every month.


Movies, Chuck E. Cheese’s, etc., about $ 50 a month. In the summer it would cost more. We went to water parks or other themed parks almost ever week.


He joined an art class, $550 a semester, and a swiming class, $370 a semester, and a hip-hop class, $460 a semster. On average that is $200 every month.

Add all these up, it is about $500 a month. Is this also an average number that you would spend? If you read this article please share me your thought and how much you spend on your kids.