10 Worst Father’s Day Gifts

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post of 10 Worst Gifts for Mother’s Day. Now it is time for Father’s Day. What is the best Father’s Day gift? There is no best one for everybody. Ask your husband what he wanted. If you want to give him a surprise, pay attention to what advertisements he is reading or watching recently. If he is interested in a new watch, he will talk about watches with you more often. If he wanted a new iPad, he may have walked into the Apple stores a few times in the past one month. Just pay attention, you will find out what he really wanted.

1. Flowers

General speaking, men are not as romantic as women. Giving him a rose is no different from giving him a cauliflower. Imagine what his face will look like when you hand him a cauliflower as a Father’s Day gift. Well, he will probably say thank you nicely and give you a kiss as a gentleman.

2. Cakes/Candies/Chocolates

Most men do not like cakes, candies or chocolates. If he does like them, it is very likely he shoud be on diet and giving him such gifts is not a good idea.

3. Gardening Tool

Most men like gardening tools, as well as many other power tools. That doesn’t mean they like to work on the garden. Most men are lazy. It is Ok to give them a gardening tool as a toy, but please do expect them to spend more time on your back yard.

4. Books & DVDs

Fiction books and DVDs are perfect for gifts. But books and DVDs about self imprvement, how to succeed, how to become rich, how to find a job, how to loose weight, how to become a manager, are worst gifts for every husband.

5. Socks

If you are the wife who buys socks for everyody in the family, don’t buy socks again as gift for Father’s Day! Man will ignore those socks completely.

6. Dress Shirts

They will think: “Again? Didn’t you just bought them last month?”. Dress shirts are men’s daily life, just like a cup of coffee every morning. There is no special about it. They will ignore them as they ignore the socks.

7. Ties

Ties are actually among the top gifts wives buy as Father’s Day gifts. But according to my personal experiences, men don’t like to receive a tie as gift, simply because most of them don’t need one.

8. Cologne/Deodorant

Do I smell? This would be the first question pop into his mind when he received such gift.

9. Tooth Brush

There is no gift that can be worse than this one! Probably it is not a bad idea for April Fools’ Day, or as a gift for someone you hate.

10. Sex Toys

If you and your husband are having great sex life and use sex toys regularly, it is OK to buy him a new sex toy. But otherwise, please don’t do that. The implication of buying such toys is that he can’t satisfy you.

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