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Keep your plants thriving in the home when you have these Fluorescent Grow Lamp Light Bulbs. These bulbs aren't too harsh on delicate species, but will provide the natural light they need.
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Your seedlings will blossom to life in no time when you have this Hydroponic Grow Tent. This tent is designed to lock in warmth as well as to keep light in, so your seedlings will have the best start.
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Get ready for spring a little early when you start off your favorite plants using these iPower Fluorescent Glow Bulbs. These bulbs will provide the light needed to get your seedlings off to a strong start so you'll have produce and flowers in no time.
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About Zen Hydro:

I used to grow pot several years ago before I had my children. I only smoked now and then. It was definitely not a habit, nor was it something I used recreationally often. I didn't sell it either. I gave it away or bartered with it. Some friends had fresh fruit trees or fresh eggs from chickens and I would trade them. There was something really neat about cultivating and growing something that people enjoyed. I would liken it to if I made my own beer or wine. Vintners are particular about how they grow their grapes. Then, there's the process of mixing, aging, barreling. I'm sure it's similar for those who grow cannabis in their yard. Even more specific are those who set up a whole hydroponics system. Recently, I've been thinking about growing my own vegetables at home. But I don't want to put them in just any soil outside. Who knows what toxins lurk out there? Also, we've got rabbits and coyotes-I'm sure they'd eat everything before it even had a chance to ripen. They sell these kits with lights and seeds and watering systems, but they are usually expensive. I went on ZenHydro.com to check out their equipment. The problem for me is that I don't really understand how everything works. I was hoping the site could inform better. I feel like this site would probably be great for the people who know exactly what they want or need. I did learn, however, about nutrients.

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