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Excite your child's imagination when you give her these Mermaid Swim Fins. These colorful fins make it easy to move through the water, while creating the illusion that your child is a lovely mermaid.
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This Authentic Stand-Up Craft Weaving Loom will not only help your child stay creative, but will teach valuable cultural lessons. The loom can be used for years of development and is a great way for children to make their own fabrics.
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About Young Explorers:

I know I am going to apologize more than once here. I don't feel sorry when children have a toy or an electronic item that I feel/know can educate them (while compelling them) when it's either worth the money or has a technological-advanced bent. However, when a company tries to sell items that are unoriginal and not innovative, but their marketing strategy tries to bilk parents and/or other potential buyers by portraying the "educational toy" as something more than a bunch of plastic pieces-that is something worth complaining about. The "pretend and play" doctor kit on the YoungExplorers.com website is just one of the many examples I can point toward.

Yes, that particular item is an Oppenheimer Gold Award winner. Awards carry a lot of weight. As a consumer and as an educator by profession, I find this item ridiculous, for lack of choice words. At the suggested price, first of all, it doesn't even include batteries to simulate a heartbeat on the stethoscope. What about selling a low-end version of a real stethoscope? Why is the child taking a bear's pulse? If we are going to simulate a real-life situation, why not use humans? Why not market the product for two children to interact? I realize children are often alone learning, but how about encouraging interaction?

I'm also unnerved by the "gifts for girls" section on the YoungExplorers.com website. Way to categorize and stereotype genders. I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone cares who about progressive thinking or values their dollar.

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