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Your yard will look magical when you plant this Viridis Japanese Maple. This stunning Maple tree provides lots of shade to help with cooling and looks amazing in most gardens.
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Bring charm to your yard when you plant this Red Obelisk European Beech. The beech tree doesn't take up a lot of space on your lawn and grows beautiful flowers in the Spring.
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This Inaba Shidare Japanese Maple will add a whimsical vibe to your home that is sure to draw in some eyes. The maple offers lovely purple leaves that flow like feathers and it will grow in a varity of environments.
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About The Tree Center:

When we moved into our new home, the place was a wreck inside and out. We lived in an apartment before, which was a lot different. There are far more things to consider now like plumbing, the roof, and yard maintenance. I never thought about these things because they were maintained by the landlord; that's the service you get for paying rent, I suppose. So the first thing we did was take of safety issues inside. Any nails or staples sticking up off the floor from the removed carpeting was cleaned up and the floor was sanded. We had some electrical issues to deal with also. Besides painting the walls, I wasn't in a hurry to "decorate." I felt like the existing fixtures, if they worked, were fine. I was really anxious to make the outside look nicer. I wanted to spruce up the front yard so that neighbors would stop giving us the stink-eye. The backyard, on the other hand, was for our enjoyment. We like being outside and our yard is pretty private. We spent several weekends, day and night, weeding, aerating the soil, bringing in new topsoil and laying stones. We didn't care about lawn, but we wanted trees. I went to the TreeCenter.com, which has a gorgeous selection. The Japanese Maple is one of my favorites. They had only one style left of several, but I was glad to get it. The biggest disappointment was the fruit trees-none were available; they were all sold out.

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