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Find a healthier way to snack when you open up a bag of this Pipcorn Kettle Mini Popcorn. This bag comes with four small bags which makes them perfect for lunch boxes or office treats
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Make the most important meal of the day count when you grab this Vigilant Eats Organic Oats Cereal. This cereal is perfect for rushed moring and comes with a delicious coconut, vanilla and maple flavor.
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About Taldepot:

My kids are always complaining that we don't have any food in the house. It's such a joke. The cabinets and pantry are always full. The fridge and the freezer can barely hold any more produce or food. What they are really saying is "we have no junk food." I can literally list off all the grocery purchases and they'll roll their eyes at the selection. Excuse me for trying to feed my family healthy. I mean, I know they're teens and they're fickle about everything. But I refuse to buy big bags of candy and greasy chips just to satisfy their nasty cravings. So my daughter suggested we go online to pick out snack together. One site we went to was Taldepot.com. At first I thought, "wow, what a huge selection." But my excitement waned quickly.There was a picture of a cold Starbucks drink and another sports drink. When I went online to order it, they didn't carry it. They only carried Gatorade and Vitamin water. It was under the subtitle of "healthy drinks." How is Gatorade healthy? It's full of sugar. Oreos are not a health and wellness snack either. They also sell a product called Natural Honey Crystals. I looked at the ingredients and it said: pure cane sugar and honey. I found this site to have misleading advertising. Their prices were also way more expensive than if I bought those items on their own website or an Amazon. Thanks, but no thanks. I'd rather have my kids complain.

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